How SOME folks at Dfinity are helping gain much lost credibility

In general, I agree with @erikblues when he makes the argument about how the engagement of the community should be handled through the forums and how dfinity is losing an massive opportunity to engage with community (How Dfinity is rapidly losing credibility - #29 by erikblues).

That said, there are definitely folks within the Dfinity that I have engaged with; both at the forum posting level as well as at the DM level that are trying to help. The three qualities that have stood out for me are (a) ability to listen and understand the concerns (b) ability to think about the solutions as presented; even if it contradicts their previously held beliefs and positions (c) ability to reason with incomplete information; yet communicate that fact to the community.

In particular, for me @diegop, @akhilesh.singhania and @kpeacock are exemplary in context of their behaviours in a positive sense. I am sure that I am missing others and I apologize for missing them.

What does NOT work for me is when someone in a community improvement post says that he/she is working on the topic related to the community post from dfinity and that they are listening and then they COMPLETELY disappear from engaging with the community in that post.


I really appreciate this. Building the IC is definitely non-trivial so we really appreciate the engagement from you and others.

And to be fair, even when people say “hey that sucks, Diego” i am grateful someone took the time to help us improve.


I’ve been IT since the 90’s and this is one of the few projects which sparked my imagination. SONM had all the right buzzwords, but never delivered. I see the big picture here and really hope Internet Computer becomes a solid platform for Dfinity and the rest of us.

Is there a current roadmap?

Thank you for the kind words @mparikh . Much appreciated. We are all learning how to get better at engaging with the community. We have a long way to go but at least we have started and will keep improving.

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just wanted to add that the latest videos being published on the motoko school and dfinity youtube channels are a pretty good step in the right direction!

It is very nice to see regular updates and news, showing what is changing and what can be done, and I think that will reflect on how the community is viewing the project. please keep that up!