Bug: Projectpage SNS launchpad direct URL

When going directly from a link to a project on the SNS-launchpad, I receive these errors…

The URL I used:

This is specifically the SNS-Launch of BOOMDAO. Imagine it would be a problem on several other pages as well.


Thanks for reporting!

Is it still happening? I can’t replicate it.

Which browser are you using? Are you logged in or out?


I have replicated before, but I can’t at this moment (working fine now).

I do not know what happened before… :thinking:

The error says it was a 500 error. It might have been some temporary problem in boundary node maybe. We’ll keep an eye on these errors.

Thanks for reporting, glad to hear it’s not there anymore.

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Not a fan, but looks like he got sort of the same errors… @lmuntaner

Thanks for posting it!

He had problems staking a neuron, and in your case, the problem was accessing the launchpad. Which tells me that it’s more a connection issue than a bug.

Anyway, thanks for reporting it!

Just posting this for you @lmuntaner. Not worthy of a new topic.

Minor bug at SNS status:

At main page it says ‘Completed’

At project page it says ‘Finalizing’

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I’ll fix it right now!