🚀 Announcing Juno - Build on the IC using frontend code only

I am thrilled to introduce my new project :point_right: Juno

Juno is a unique open-source platform that makes building Web3 applications on the IC more accessible for the frontend developers :rocket:

No backend code is required. No new patterns to learn. Only JavaScript code like its Web2.

I’m starting with a closed beta program today. Contact me for an invitation code :wave:.

Retweet, share and :star::star::star: on GitHub repo are also much appreciated.

To infinity and beyond!


I love the simplicity here of the apis. Really cool stuff. I’ll be excited to see some of the initial use cases!


Thanks, glad to hear that!

As super early initial use case you can count the website which is deployed through Juno and, also the form (https://jx5yt-yyaaa-aaaal-abzbq-cai.ic0.app/) I built for the sign-up to the beta :smile:


No more invitation codes needed! Juno is now open for any developer :fire:

Also, there is a new landing page :man_artist: