Hey there! A new ICP fan on the horrizon :)

Hey ya! A couple of weeks ago I got curious and decided to quickly check up what the Internet Computer is… Not sure what happened, I started reading this and that, trying some stuff and a few days later I found myself deploying my first website on the ICP: https://airquality.wiki . It’s running great and practically for free, which I find to be very cool. Now my next goal is to build a more complex web app, something like a content management system. I’m now planning this new project, looking for the suitable technologies I can use for if and I would appreciate any advice regarding any tools or frameworks that can help… I found some nice resources for reading in the “Welcome Thread” and I’m planning to start with them…


Hey again! Ive been loking for a way to build a blog on Icp, looks like it’s perfect for a frontend only website and the backend comes a bit harder… I’ve not found any better solution than using a headless CMS, is my conclusion right? Any platforms that I can use to build a dynamic website fully on chain out there?

Hey @aminkov,

Have a look at https://juno.build/. It’s a bit like Firebase on ICP. You just write frontend code, but you’ll get a key/value store, authentication, and analytics with it. If you need more, you can also implement custom hooks in the backend.


Thanks for the suggestion. I came across Juno while searching but I couldn’t login with my internet identity. I get an error: No passkeys Available - there aren’t any applicable passkeys on this device, try a new device or create a passkey. The internet identity that I’m trying with works with any other site (like this one https://nns.ic0.app/) but not working just with Juno… Should I create a new one? I really don’t want to have several identities as it’s not the idea of it…

Due to unlucky timing, Juno uses a different instance of Internet Identity per default. However, you can also use the one hosted on ic0.app, see

Awesome, thanks, I didn’t know that at all :smiley: I’ll give it a try