Building Github Action for ICP cannister deployment for Frontend Apps

Hello all,

I’m in the process of developing a GitHub action to facilitate the deployment of frontend apps on ICP canisters. While ICP already offers this capability via their CLI, there’s potential for enhancement.

Issue Identified The current visibility of ICP within diverse developer communities appears limited.


  1. Expand the accessibility of ICP frontend deployment.
  2. Enhance the visibility of ICP.

Proposed Solution Integrate a GitHub action specifically designed for deploying frontend apps on ICP.

If anyone is interested in contributing or collaborating on this project, your support would be highly appreciated


It is also possible to deploy to Juno using dedicated GitHub Actions:

Sharing in case there are some ideas that might be interesting for your project. Best of luck!


Thats amazing, This is excatly what I was looking for, yet I will still work on the Action since github. :slight_smile:

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The more options the better for the ecosystem. Juno is really. I would love to see somebody build a no code website builder on top of Juno or what you’re building.


@peterparker congrats on the Juno. Love it! Used it do deploy my website. Did you submit it on Product Hunt ?

@Sormarler The Figma plugin ecosystem is the top place for builders. With figma, many designs are made to web using AI and no-code grid systems. However, there is a lack of ways to deploy as designers are not technical on CLI. @peterparker I would suggest you can partner up with I used this tool to generate the Figma design for to web(Vanilla). They currently deploy to Vercel and another platform and even export to Zip. I would love to see the Deploy on Juno button. :rocket:. This way more canisters will be deployed. Another suggestion is themeforest. Alot of authors pay around 100 USD on servers to even deploy their simple websites. Reaching out these authors on the advantages of Juno with ICP infra would be a good sell.

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Not yet. Maybe someday but, not yet.

Thanks for the hints! I did not knew Locofy.

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Agree, someone building a WYSWYG editor at the top of Juno would be pretty neat!

Alternatively some interfaces with existing side builders would be pretty slick too.

If it’s any use to you, here’s the workflows we use to deploy, including previews on PRs: