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Hi everyone,
data from is open! You can get a list of #ic projects and use it in your app. cyql is a curated list of projects that are hosted or are involved in the ic ecosystem. In order to query the projects from db you need to access the cyql api canister and call one of the methods below, depending on whether you want to get all the projects or one specific project.

general canister info

query single doc

get_doc(text, text)

Method accepts two arguments of type text:

  1. collection name: "cyql-projects"
  2. document key (alphanumeric 12 chars string), e.g.: "QX8lS9ogfjBJ"

query all docs


Method accepts one argument of type text:

  1. collection name: "cyql-projects"

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See the docs for the more detailed description on how to query the data, reach out on Twitter or Telegram if you have any questions. If you decide to use the data please refer in your app :pray:


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Many thanks to @peterparker & junobuild which allows you to very quickly set up the db & api for your project. Highly recommended!


I absolutely :heart: this! Thanks for using Juno and great features :+1:


Thank you so much for this!
I iframed cyqle on my project because I like it so much. I will implement this. You guys are the best!


The number of projects on the exceeded the mark of 400! More than 400 projects are active or building on the IC!


We just submitted! Very exciting!


Congratulations! Nice job!

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