ICP devs communication with the broader Crypto community

I know most of the people building on ICP are probably extremely busy but I believe developers stopping by once in a while to comment, post threads, and interact with the border on Twitter and Reddit. Crypto community would shed positive light on the community and what’s being built here. If you look at other ecosystems like Ethereum, chain links, Solana, Cardano, and many others, they all have people with knowledge and experience with their respective ecosystem to talk about the technology and why they are building on them. In a very factual and intelligent way. I have seen a few but not nearly enough. I try my best to talk about the ICP tech but I’m not nearly as educated on blockchain technology.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of great contents covering ICP on medium and stacks. They are very little traffic on those articles. I think Twitter and ready to a lesser extent is the best medium to talk about blockchain tech. With that being said, I challenge any developer here with some time on their hands to write if you sentence on why they chose ICP to build on. Here’s the link to the thread on Reddit ( yeah I know, it’s cesspool but a lot of newbies stop there for information).


Who are you you? Is there a block button on this site?

Yep I agree wholeheartedly with this, It would give a great boost to the community as well. I know a few developers already fro a great job posting content.Often we are out there alone posting positive ICP content, would be great to have some backup from the people actually building. On reddit we are particularly lacking, and also some of us don’t have enough reddit Karma points to post in some of the main forums there.

For me it’s the only crypto project where I can actually talk to the devs and even get help from devs directly on Twitter or Reddit.
Thank you Dfinity for engaging with the community!


I second this. Anyway it should be taken into consideration that the dev community on IC is still small as it is pretty much a 1 year old baby, natural growth takes time. IC is the most complex blockchain out there right now and the learning curve is pretty high, I would expect to take a few years till it really blows up on mainstream media.

IMO, how the NNS is working on IC is a prime example of what a democratic government could look like in 40-50 years.

People fail to see a lot of these points because the crypto market is brainwashed by greed, they only see blockchains as TOKEN/USD.