Add final screen of earned ICP into the merging function

A suggestion for the merging function in the NNS.

My suggestion is, to add a final screen at the end of the merging proces with the exact number of earned ICP every time someone merges their maturity back in to it’s stake.

It’s just a bit more user friendly that way in my opinion.

Also, it would not be a bad idea i think to keep a record in the main account everytime someone merges their maturity. Date + hour + exact amount of ICP merged.

Hopefully this would be an option maybe in the near future to consider?

Thank you infront! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree it would be nice to see how much ICP was merged. In fact, it would be helpful if that information could be provided before the merge action is taken.

Merge maturity is a recorded transaction in the account for the neuron. When you create a neuron, a corresponding account is also created. Merging maturity is recorded as a minting event in the neuron account because that is when the ICP is minted and that is where it is deposited. The link between neuron ID and neuron account is not made readily available by the NNS dApp or in the dashboard (I think for privacy or anonymity reasons :tipping_hand_man:). However, you can trace transaction history from the funding account of the neuron when it was created in order to find the account id for the neuron. You can confirm you have found the right account because the amount of ICP in the neuron and in the neuron account will match and also because the neuron creation date and the first transaction in the neuron account will have the same date and time.


Hi, just for the minting/merging history, if you check info about account/address of your neuron, you will get full history of transactions - for minted ICP is the source visible as Minting Account:<Neuron_ICP_ADDRESS>

For general overview

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My god, i still didnt knew this. Thanks

But would this not be more easy to have this log of your own minted icp’s direct in the NNS Dapp?

Now i need to make the whole circel to go and check this. Just saying…

Same thing for the total amount everytime when merging maturity, whole circel before you exually know how much you earned :sweat_smile:

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