Add a "Merge Neuron(s) function on SNSs

Is it possible to add the Merge Neurons function on the sns neurons? Do you have this on the road map, it is better to have one big neuron than having multiples ones if we want to hold the tokens for the voting rewards. It is also better for every project to implement this option to increase the holding period of time merging into the longer one and ensure that a suddent dump doesn’t occure in the near future.


I agree. It would be nice if this feature could be implemented for SNS neurons.


Hi both and thanks for the suggestion!
This is currently not on our immediate roadmap.
Adding this new neuron command takes quite some effort and there are a few other things that have been on our roadmap for a while and we want to address first. Some examples are making critical SNS proposals more robust, enabling ICRC-2 on SNS ledgers, user experience improvements including easier upgrades, voting history, vote following etc.


Why can’t the “merge neurons” for SNS neurons reuse the same or similar code as for the NNS/ICP “merge”? If it has already been done, I don’t see why this should be such a huge effort other than adding this function to the UI for all the SNS projects? Shouldn’t this have been implemented concurrently with the main NNS merge function way back when? I think this request should be revisited now that we are 5 months out from your last reply. This seems like an obvious and valid request. Making the NNS easier and more enjoyable to use is important as well.

What is also needed is the ability to filter out tokens for “Tokens”, “Neuron Staking”, and for “Voting” if you do not hold them or via selection mechanism or via user settings in order to declutter the UI which is now getting longer and longer as more projects are being funded and are onboarding. This list will surely become unwieldy eventually.

Thank you for your consideration to improve the NNS/SNS here for investors and users going forward.


Showing only the tokens that one holds is already possible, see the screenshot below:

Similarly, we just release Actionable Proposals which only shows proposals one can vote on:

We plan to do something similar for neurons very soon.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this out, very valuable feedback! Happy to say that we already have items on our roadmap that will address some of the issues you raised. We will try to best incorporate the rest of the feedback into our roadmap as well.

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You’re welcome and thank you for acknowledging this input and considering any of it. ICP is truly an amazing collaboration in the spirit of what the project values and stands for…

Having said that, I created an ICP/Dfinity song that I would like to share.

I call it “Dfinity On The Block” and thought some of you over there in Zurich might get a kick out of it including Dom. :grinning:

Dfinity On The Block!

Anyways, enjoy and keep up the great work! I am very excited about the future of this project and all the wonderful ideas you guys are now implementing on the new May 10th roadmap and beyond.