Maturity Merges and IRS Reportable Income for Taxes

Reporting maturity merges on taxes is becoming a huge pain to decipher. This is a must have for investors to maintain federal compliance

Is there a way to see what days merging maturity to a staked Neuron occurred and by how much?

For example…

8/5/2021 5:00 AM Merge to Neuron 2 ICP

8/18/2021 8:00 PM Merge to Neuron 1 ICP

11/1/2021 2:00 PM Merge to Neuron 3 ICP

and so forth…

This would allow us to view how much was merged and the time stamp so we know how much the value was at the time so it can be reported to the IRS as income. Can this be done within the NNS?

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It seems as if there’s an address associated with each neuron when you merge. I was able to find the address for my neuron in the NNS UI, and then putting that into gave me a transaction history

For Neurons:
This site will only give information about a neuron such as how much is staked, dissolve settings, and how it voted on proposals. It will not provide transactions that happen against the neuron such as merging maturity into the neuron.

For Main Accounts:
This will give transactions that occurred from a main account into a neuron. This works if you are topping off the neuron with ICP that you transferred to the main account first and then you sent it to the neuron. However, it will not show any transactions that occurred from merging maturity into the neuron itself.

Lacking this ability is problematic. Especially if you are merging sporadically or different amounts.

I merged maturity and was able to see the transaction

When I type in a neuron account I do not see any transaction. I only see how the neuron voted in proposals. Where are you looking?

You need to find the principal for your neuron, look at the transactions from your main account when you first put ICP into your neuron. You should find an address. Then look at the transactions for that address


I see it now. Thank you!

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