Why does OpenChat claim to be Decentralized despite its Centralization?

Am I the only one who thinks OpenChat is a very centralized application even after their SNS Launch?

  1. Their development and planning is a blackbox
  2. Developers are DFINITY insiders with repeated history of lobbying
  3. The Development team controls the dapp via “DAO” which in reality is just a proof of stake voting application interface for managing the smart contracts.
  4. There is barely any documentation
  5. They lobbied with DFINITY for a custom/standalone subnet and have failed massively when it comes to adoption.
  6. They have failed to deliver end to end encryption → meaning there is no privacy in the app and DFINITY can see or go through every chats.
  7. Now DFINITY is spending its resources on “DeAI” for scanning the images for “malicious content”

When can we as a community stop pretending that these are decentralized applications and that SNS is a failure on DFINITY’s end.

As soon as you question anything, they get on Twitter to shill more, and continue to “release new” features.

To do further Damage control, DFINITY members continue to promote them.

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