Who is Mr. @ICPprotector, the anonymous?

Did you miss the index at the start of the post? It was extremely clear. Here, let me type it out for you:

3. Suggestions for the DFINITY Team

Security monitoring of ICP ecosystem projects, even ICP itself, is crucial. Reliance solely on voting cannot meet security needs, let alone depend on anonymous individuals like @ICPprotector.
The DFINITY team needs to build an official security intelligence monitoring, collection, and disclosure system, which can actually be implemented through canister smart contracts, incentivizing professionals worldwide to provide security tips (pay tokens to submit tips, receiving high rewards after verification and adoption), which would be a decentralized security defense.

Please do not rely on anonymous individuals like @ICPprotector.

These are my personal views. I build ICPanda under my real identity and oppose Mr. @ICPprotector publicly. Do Your Own Research (DYOR).
I also invite Mr. @ICPprotector to rebut under his real identity.