Who is Mr. @ICPprotector, the anonymous?


  1. Who am I?
  2. Who is Mr. @ICPprotector, the anonymous?
  3. Suggestions for the DFINITY team

1. Who am I?

Hello everyone, I am Yan Qing, the founder of ICPanda DAO. Here is my personal information on official forum, Twitter, and GitHub:

I am an engineer who has written open-source code on GitHub for over ten years. Anyone can find me through ICPanda DAO’s website https://panda.fans, Twitter account, or forum and see my previous work experience. I am building the ICPanda DAO project under my real identity.

Mr. @ICPprotector can certainly find this information about me. However, he posted on Twitter: “Be careful, ICPanda DAO is a scam project, and I have found its anonymous controller – Yan Qing.”

Twitter users who don’t know the truth would think he is professional, but I see this as very basic. He is hiding the truth, distorting facts, which makes me extremely angry.
Apologies for my blunt engineer’s directness: Mr. @ICPprotector is a despicable, shameless villain, an anonymous scammer.

Mr. @ICPprotector provided the following absurd reasons to prove ICPanda DAO is a scam project:

  • New to ICP
  • Newly created Website
  • No delivery (Project or Memes)
  • No interactions with the Community

Let me refute each point:

“New to ICP”

Does being new to ICP mean we don’t deserve to build the ICP ecosystem? Does Mr. @ICPprotector look down on new developers? I only came across ICP in January 2024 and started buying ICP:

dedicating all my efforts to learning about ICP. Before this, I was fully committed to developing the NS-Protocol project — inscribing naming trusted database on Bitcoin network. One of its major uses is to build a decentralized domain system on Bitcoin network. However, I needed decentralized servers to run indexing services, online inscribing services, and user’s keys manager, which led me to ICP. As a technologist, I was immediately captivated: the chain-key and NNS are such advanced designs, they indeed can support a decentralized server network. The BTC network + ICP cloud computing can perfect the NS-Protocol system.

“Newly created Website”

The website was officially launched on February 28th. Since NS-Protocol will be a huge project, it was clear that with my current resources, it couldn’t be grounded. I needed to start with a lightweight project that could quickly integrate into the ICP ecosystem and generate stable income to sustain development, expand the team, and promote the NS-Protocol project. Thus, I designed ICPanda, a project where SNS DAO and functionality development progress simultaneously.

“No delivery (Project or Memes)”

As mentioned earlier, this is a new project. Its first feature, Lucky Pool, has already been developed and is waiting for the SNS to pass to get the PANDA Token address for configuration and launch. From getting to know ICP to now, about two months, I have read through various information and developer documents about IC, reviewed parts of the ic, nns-dapp, and oisy-wallet source code, learned the svelte front-end development technology, and kept the development of ICPanda on track with the project roadmap. Mr. @ICPprotector, could you do the same?

Furthermore, many people look down on memes, some agree, some disagree, which is normal. The dissenters can simply vote against it, but please don’t attack. Elon Musk is the king of memes, so to the dissenters, do you think Elon Musk is a scammer? Regardless of what you think, I am a fan of Elon Musk. I believe memes are a powerful force driving development and have faith that technology changes the world.

“No interactions with the Community”

Who is the Community? Someone named @hankolious messaged us privately, implying he is the Community, but we didn’t trust him and didn’t communicate further. I believe many ICP project development teams have received his messages. Our project primarily communicates on the official forum. We also interact with ICP users on Twitter and created an OpenChat community. We consider this to be interactions with the community. We don’t recognize @hankolious’s Community.
Additionally, since our team currently lacks the ability to directly communicate in English, we haven’t hosted an English AMA, only online interactions. If necessary, we can hold a Chinese AMA.

Responding to Mr. @domwoe ’s question about “interactions with the official team”, here is the original post:

My English expression ability is limited, and I relied on GPT for translation, which led to misunderstandings. I apologize deeply. What I meant to say is that we interact with everyone on the official forum, not with @hankolious’s Community.

2. Who is Mr. @ICPprotector, the anonymous?

Who are @ICPprotector and @hankolious?

@ICPprotector issue their own NFTs and have reported some “scam” projects. I don’t have the energy to verify the authenticity of those posts. However, I see no professionalism in terms of security. An utterly unprofessional ICP protector claiming to protect ICP users?
He fabricates lies to confuse ICP fans on Twitter, while (@hankolious) asks project parties for protection money.

Because the official DFINITY account follows Mr. @ICPprotector, and @domiwoe has left comments agreeing he. This could make Twitter users believe Mr. @ICPprotector is trustworthy, but in fact, they are the cancer of ICP’s ecological development.

3. Suggestions for the DFINITY Team

Security monitoring of ICP ecosystem projects, even ICP itself, is crucial. Reliance solely on voting cannot meet security needs, let alone depend on anonymous individuals like @ICPprotector.
The DFINITY team needs to build an official security intelligence monitoring, collection, and disclosure system, which can actually be implemented through canister smart contracts, incentivizing professionals worldwide to provide security tips (pay tokens to submit tips, receiving high rewards after verification and adoption), which would be a decentralized security defense.

Please do not rely on anonymous individuals like @ICPprotector.

These are my personal views. I build ICPanda under my real identity and oppose Mr. @ICPprotector publicly. Do Your Own Research (DYOR).
I also invite Mr. @ICPprotector to rebut under his real identity.


Hey :wave:t4:

I started the ICP Protector with 2 ICP OG’s!
(They want to stay anonymous because of such drama)

I can handle Drama pretty good, because I have a strong mentality, always tell the truth, always beeing honest & on the side of the Community!

If you check the comments, a lot of the Community members voted no for ICPanda Dao.

The question of Joshqum:
How did your project got such a high maturity on the NNS vote YES (56%) while OpenPFL only got 52%?!
And OpenPFL is a real Project that started a founding round on Funded.app.

I’m hankolious (Marlon Hank Peter) & i never said that I am the “Community”.

OG Hank is Conor_Hughes that is trying to troll me, because of a Partyhat that got changed from the mew Owners, because of Copyright (Different story).

The giveaway of those Tempies NFT’s created by Crusade Studio, was a free giveaway out of my own wallet!
Check my Wallet on NFT geek: hankolious.ic

We said: ICPanda is a “potential scam”.

You think you can come hear anonymous, starting a Meme project without any memes to make the Community laugh & share, raising Money and can live from it & then start developing?

On which planet are you living on?
You need to earn TRUST, RESPECT & LOYALTY first, before you can raise fund from a Community YOU don’t know!

If this would be so easy, everyone would’ve done this & quite their actual workplace (It’s everyone’s dream).

Why did you rush the SNS?
Why you don’t have the time to get to know the Community & other projects?

The IC had enough projects that comes & goes and sucked off the Communities hard earned Money!

WE the ICP Protector are not perfect, but we try our best to keep the Community & the Ecosystem safe!

Our Goal is:

  • No easy entry for SCAMMERS
  • Make the Community stronger by working together
  • Onboarding new People to the IC.

We are cunrrently developing a project where the Community can report to earn points!
(Points will have utility in the future)

Atm WE are investing our FREE time to investigate for several months & we receive a lot of appreciation from the Community & such.

WE not working with any projects thats creating revenue, also we NEVER charged anything from projects to protect them or let them do what they want!

We would never accept money or ICP from projects!

We have so much coming, but our time is limited, because we have a main job & a family.

I understand that you are a dev, but as a dev & founder you have to hire someone with Marketing & Community building skills.
Free advise from me to you.

So keep building & delivering, start to interact with the Community & wait for the right time to raise funds!

a nother free advise: start the Lucky draw with demo tokens or points, buy some cheap NFT’s of the market, as a price for multiple winning or such.

For anymore questions, I’m here! :raised_hands:t4:
Cheers, Hank

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@jamesbeadle said:

Please be honest, are you the NFT holders?

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Please be honest, do you think you have enough security expertise to protect ICP users?


Please be honest, do you think that because of the reasons you’ve mentioned, you can maliciously attack new developers in the name of @ICPprotector?

Regarding the ICPanda project, we have the capability to make it work, and we do not need your concern or suggestions, thank you.


Hi there,

I apologize if my comment came across differently than intended. What I was trying to convey was more about the broader issue of how voters sometimes cast ‘Yes’ votes without fully understanding the projects in question. This observation wasn’t specifically directed at ICPanda or OpenPFL, but rather about the general trend I’ve noticed within the community. It’s crucial for voters to have a clear understanding of the proposals before making their decisions. My aim was to highlight the importance of informed decision-making in the NNS voting process.

Thanks for allowing me to clarify.


Thank you for your perspective. The votes that ICPanda received indeed exceeded my expectations. I’ve noticed that our proposal was very detailed, whereas the OpenFPL proposal consisted of only one sentence. This may have led to:

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No I don’t hold any of those Funded OPEN PFL NFT’s.

It was a warning for the Community, not an ATTACK.

If you have the capability to develop the project, then do it first, before raising MONEY.

In my view, this is a DEVASTATING ATTACK, leading thousands of people to believe that I am a scammer, and even members of the official team think so.
Just look at our SNS sales, and you’ll see that your objective has been achieved.

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KYC & show the Community who you are!

The Internet Computer is decentralised, a open door for scammers!
If we don’t warn the Community, nobody does.

It’s not our Job, but our passion to have a healthy Community & great Projects around the IC.

I checked your little dapps you created, not really impressed btw.

Now your maximum goal is to achieve 100k $ICP for just a website & an Idea?!

You reaction show’s that you are money focused & mad that we called you out.
It’s clear for me, bye :wave:t4:

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I’m sorry, Mr. @ICPprotector, in my view, you are still an anonymous scammer. Please don’t claim to represent the community. What proof do you have of your real identity?
The forum can verify domwoe’s real identity;
over a decade of GitHub code contributions can verify mine.

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Let’s take a look at the OpenFPL project you’ve protected and guided. Is it really worth 1 million ICP?

And it can also monopolize voting rights. Were these SNS parameters guided by you?

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Calling us a scammer and then you transfered 1100 $ICP from the Seed investor’s wallet?!

Suspicious transaction!

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Is there a problem with investing personal funds in a DAO? After investing, the funds are controlled by the DAO and not by any individual!

Just like in traditional companies, shareholders invest funds into the company’s account. Is there a problem with that?

What’s your problem with @jamesbeadle and OpenFPL? The fact they have a real project before having an SNS sale?

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Mr. @ICPprotector, you are very dedicated, specifically targeting us. We publicly disclose our seed round financing information and all our operations.
I wonder, if you were to supplement the project funds, you might transfer ICP to a CEX and then back again, indicating that other investors support you?

With respect to everyone involved; would it be possible to move this discussion to another public platform that is better suited for this topic? I haven’t seen any proposals being presented, nor any topic for the community to consider.

If you are trying to sway public opinion I would recommend posting this on Taggr, OpenChat, or even Twitter. Otherwise, I think this thread is probably doing more harm than good for all parties.


Sorry to bother you, but this is my proposal. What do you think?

I think it’s unfortunate that your proposal was mentioned so late in your post and with such brevity that it was probably missed by most. If you truly want to make this proposal I would suggest looking at previously submitted community proposals and follow their format. I would also focus on either NNS governance or SNS governance. Your current topic selection makes it unclear who you are targeting with this proposal.

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