DAO initialization, SNS tokens

Hi, I am an inexperienced dev who is looking to create a DAO in order to provide financial services to ICP token holders and the community. Can someone who has worked with this stuff please walk me through the process of initializing and creating a DAO? I would love to meet over zoom if possible.

I have access to the IC GitHub repository but frankly I don’t know what to do with their boiler plate dao folder, its not like I can clone it either because it isn’t its own repo.

My goal is to create a DAO and launch its own token through SNS proposal. Pls help and I will pay in tokens.

The big monorepo is not meant to be self-documenting. I wouldn’t understand much from that alone either… I suggest you have a look at our documentation: Service Nervous System (SNS) | Internet Computer

Hi Severin, luckily with good timing I was an able to find the Motoko DAO Bootcamp which is in session this week. All of my questions with regards to this topic have been addressed there.

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