Which dfinity the payment project does it have now?

Is there any project that is Paying on the dfinity network?

You don’t pay DFINITY to run programs on the Internet Computer.

Instead, you burn “cycles”. These cycles are converted from ICP at a fixed rate so that developer costs are stable and thus predictable.

DFINITY and other token holders benefit from this, because burning cycles creates deflationary pressure on the ICP supply, which theoretically drives up the price. (Deflation is used differently in crypto than in typical economics—in crypto, it means a decrease in the token supply, but in economics, it means a decrease in the price of a good or basket of goods.)


Sorry, I mean the payment project. Is there any project?

Oh hmm, there’s a payment canister design that has been proposed, but it’s still under development so no project has used it to actually pay for services yet.

@kpeacock knows more.

Current status is that it is built and tested, and currently going through peer and security review. It should be ready for people to start using soon

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