Canister cycle charging intermediaries

Dominic has mentioned possible intermediaries that developers will be able to interact with to charge their canisters with cycles. This would be very nice to have. I would love to be able to take my credit or debit card, put in a canister id, and just pay monthly for my use like on AWS. Purchasing ICP tokens directly will work, but it’s a complicated experience. One has to find an exchange, purchase them, and then potentially transfer to a wallet that can then interact with canisters to charge them up. There are also potential tax implications (capital gains and losses) for every purchase and subsequent conversion into cycles.

Will any intermediaries like this be available at launch?


I think @enzo is working on something -


It’s being worked on, I think we all agree this is a barrier to entry that doesn’t need to be there.

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Hey All, Don’t let my personal GitHub be any source of truth on this topic or any other. That project is in no way shape or form endorsed by DFINITY Stiftung or any of its subsidiaries. Thanks for your understanding.