Could Dfinity Foundation provides cycles for projects?

There are tons of apps emerging on IC, with different types and quality.
I know that project could apply for the developer grant/Hackathon if there are any, to get some grants and funds so they could continue to develop.

I believe there are some projects that they could earn some money(at least the cost to let canisters running?) by charging users some suitable amount of fees, like Entrepot etc.

However for the projects that are not really related to trading. Such as distrikt, or productivity tools like Nuance/Taggr. They need to face the consume of cycles while number of users keep growing.

Therefore, will it be better if Foundation could pay for the consumption of cycles of projects, then they could really use all of the grant for developing. Of course these projects needs to be viewed .

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It might be a stupid question? Please don’t be too harsh on me :face_holding_back_tears:

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There have been a couple of iterations on a cycles faucet for developers: