What kind of info can be linked to an II

Hi all-

Not a developer, but I am an investor in the IC and am fascinated at what it can (possibly) do to the world.

Here’s my question for someone much smarter than I. Is there a way for apps utilizing II to be able to pull data about the neurons, or holdings, of that specific II?

Human beings love status. That’s why they buy fancy cars, big houses, jewelry, and bottle sections at the club. It feels good for them to let other people know what they can afford/do. So, I imagine a new internet on the IC like this. If someone wanted to, would they be able to “add a badge” to their character in an online game (IC1101, plethora, dragginz) to show that they hold an 8 year neuron. Or a top 1% CHAT owner. Or that they are a “whale” and own 100k ICP in the NNS. Or that they’re a bitcoin whale and have 100ckBTC. Or maybe that they are actually one of the founding members of some app, and they’re able to add that as a badge to their character. Think about playing an online game and going “holy crap the inventor of _______ is playing with me right now”. Or- “wow there are 2 whales in my game right now, maybe we should try and talk to them and see if they’ll listen to our pitch”

This would help in IC social media as well. Besides the famous blue check twitters, where for the most part things are able to be checked on google, the vast majority of let’s say “crypto twitter” are all charlatans. And there is no way to verify if they even own what they are talking about. They talk about all kinds of things that they have no clue what they’re talking about. But they have 200k followers, so they must know- right? What if on IC social media there was a badge on their name that the blockchain could prove- oh yeah they hold 1 million ICP- they actually have skin in the game. It can add a level of trust that nothing else could. That way if someone is saying all kinds of outlandish things you could check the account and just go- “oh, this person doesn’t even hold any coins. Why would I listen to him.”

Of course this should only be an option as many people do not want others to know what they hold/what they have done. But, you know who does? Influencers! We live in the age of influence. these “badges”, or whatever they could be, can give status in the metaverse. And also help out the average user by helping weed out the scams/charlatans (by far one of the worst parts of my favorite app- Twitter!)

I may have asked that confusingly. If anyone has any info on if this is possible on the IC with II please let me know. Thank you.

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I guess for that to be possible there first must be some kind of dapp /service /marketplace
where one would be able to acquire certain badges NFT`s and link them to a existing neuron adress or wallet adress within the II.

Sounds like a cool idea.

Once the IC has reached adoption it will also be a very interesting place for those who weren’t web2 influencers to become web3 influencers. For web2 you had to put yourself out there in order to become an influencer (most of the time without any verified credibility)

What if an anon account on a twitter IC had a badge that verifiable proved he has completed his doctorate on ______ topic. Or that he has won 4 oscars, or 4 nobel prizes (I doubt these awards will be what is sought out in the future but there will be awards that come along in the future that will carry significant status). The influencer would get to remain anonymous while trustlessly proving his status. There are almost infinite places where this could come in handy to restore trust which is how I see the IC possibly changing the world. There is no trust left online anywhere, nor in politics or anything like that. Community notes has done a great job so far. But endless blockchain could do more.

Interesting idea. We do want to have special roles and titles in Dragginz that can only be unlocked by holders of DKP. Not sure if we want to reveal anything else about a person though as they could become a target for not so.nice people irl.

I think there is defo an element of showing your support for a project and some.form.of skin in the game, but I think highlighting how much money a person has would be a very bad idea.

The fault here doesnt lie in II, it would be in social engineering targeted at a person who is listed as a whale or mega rich, just to clarify. If we could trust people to keep their mouth shut about their real life identity, that would remove the risk. Sadly as you pointed out, people love to brag especially to a person theiy believe to be a pretty girl or guy they want to impress.