Becoming an Educated Known Neuron

Hello everyone, I go by ckMood on the IC. I have been active quite a bit on the forums in the last 2 months and I have been a part of the ICP community close to 6 months total now. I’m very optimistic about the Internet Computer and it’s future however as I’ve delved into the discussions here on the forums I see that there is still a lot of work to be done and things to be ironed out. With the IC’s unique approach to governance and updating of the protocol through the NNS, I feel as though the best and most useful way of assisting the growth and direction of the IC is to become a Known Neuron. But not just that, an educated one. This post is to get information, particularly from other Known Neurons, on what aspects of the IC are critical to understand before becoming a known neuron, having valuable discussion and making proposals. Also, where are the best places to start finding the specific information I need to know? I know we have the dashboard and various dApps that provide real time info. I of course don’t expect anyone to do the research for me but just need help on where to begin. I don’t think I’ll be focusing on coding and verifying replica states and such. I don’t know much code, probably won’t anytime soon, and CodeGov seems to be doing a good job of it. Throughout my time here in the forums, I’ve tended to focus & read more on governance, participant management, network economics, and node provider rewards. As a retail investor myself, I feel that these effect me most and are also integral to the long term success of the IC. I just want to make sure that I’m up to date on all information regarding these topics and that I have an understanding of how they all play into the Internet Computer. All information and guidance is appreciated, thank you!


Hi @ckMood ,
we came across this post by accident as we just updated the information on how to become a known neuron and more generally on proposals&voting.

Are you still interested in this?
According to what you wrote, indeed it might be interesting to focus on topics such as participant management, node admin, or even subnet management, which are still super important for the well-being of the ICP, but are a little less technical than e.g., upgrade proposals.

Sorry that this got overlooked, but if you have any questions now, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Have a great weekend, Lara


I am interested in becoming a known neuron. Currently researching on training programs or related guidelines on the topic. Share with me if you find the path.
Thank you

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Hi @DigitaSoja , did you have a look at the documentation that I shared above? This should be a good starting point.
We are also working on some video explanations on how to verify the proposals of the different topics. We hope to publish the first ones next week.


Thanks @lara for responding. I certainly am still interested and it’s helpful to know the less technical topics. I think I’ll take a look at the IC homepage and see what more I can find out about the topics you mentioned. I think that will give me a good starting place.