Internet Identity Roadmap Update, June 2022

Hi all,

Some of you may be curious to know what the II team is actually working on at the moment, so we’ve decided to regularly share roadmap updates here, probably every 2 or 3 weeks.

We’re tracking work in JIRA internally and because reasons we can’t just migrate to GitHub tickets, but here’s what we’ll focus on for the next few weeks:

This is a guesstimate at best, and we’ll probably reshuffle and reprioritize items on a regular basis, but:

  • The further up an item is, the greater the priority,
  • The colorful stripes show when we plan to work (and release, at the end of the stripe) a particular item,
  • The ordering pretty much doesn’t mean anything after the 5th or 6th item.

Right now we’re focusing on wrapping up Protected Recovery Phrases: Plan and Progress, and while doing so we’re updating our canister test suite. Then, we’ll focus on improving the UX (lots of small papercuts) and also implementing Internet identity: Logging of account management operations.

Most of these items have been discussed on the forum or in the community calls, but if anything is unclear just shout. Also, please let us know if this is useful, and if so we’ll keep the updates coming.



Great idea ! Thanks a lot @nmattia ! What is « FIDOU2F user verification » about, more precisely ?


So far, we do not differentiate between credentials with and without User Verification. (In short, User Verification requires the user to enter a PIN to unlock the Yubikey and thus could be seen as a flavor of 2FA.) To make use of this additional level of security, we need to

  • differentiate between web authentication credentials with/without User Verification
  • adapt in the front end to require or discourage accordingly
  • make the canister check the authenticatorData (which currently is not even exposed)

I’ll let @bjoern clarify more if necessary :slight_smile:


Crazy. Thanks for the answer ! :pray:

What about “integration with Internet Identity”?

Great question, which I actually hoped no one would ask :sweat_smile:

This is about designing and planning for any auth service to integrate seamlessly with II; the idea is that II would then be the backbone for any 3rd party service (NFID, Me, etc) so that users can benefit from more or less a single login, but still benefit from extra services like phone verification and more provided by other services.

We basically have this vision for II to become something huge, while making it easy for other providers to add to it, and we’re just clarifying how huge… we’ll make sure to share more info to get feedback once the vision crystallizes on our end :slight_smile:


Really great work, love to see this kind of roadmap, the team is becoming more and more transparency. Do you @nmattia happen to know if other R&D sub-teams will share the detailed roadmap like this?

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Pretty stoked that you’ll take this on, and really interested in how you’ll end up tackling L2-587! :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

… we’re quite curious about this too :rofl:


Thanks, this means a lot! To be honest it felt quite natural; it greatly reduces stress on our end to know that the community doesn’t think we’re just twiddling our thumbs when not implementing this or that feature that was suggested, and it also feels quite nice to share what we’re doing :smile:

Regarding whether other teams will share a roadmap like this, I actually have no idea! We thought this was a good idea to loop everyone in, and it made sense to us. It’s probably worth asking :slight_smile:

Excellent! Secure, single-sign-on for the new Internet is what I want.

This is really really great. Many ppl from the community feel anxious is because we don’t know the progress, take the BTC integration as an example, since we don’t know what detailed work must be done for its fully release, but we just feel the it is postponed again and again, I mean if the BTC integration could share the detailed roadmap with us, and update the roadmap in a while (such as 2 weeks or 4 weeks a time) then the community will feel relaxed since we can see the tough works must be done as well as the roadmap is updating in a while. I really look forward to seeing other teams’ roadmap.

Thank you for sharing this again. I appreciate this.

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The most difficult part about the BTC Integration is that it is , literally, paving the road as it goes along.

Who would have thought/known about certain blocks giving trouble performance-wise & then having to work through the issues.

The best part about the BTC Integration is that there is literally no other team in the entire world that can do what this team is doing & i mean the entire world in all it’s seriousness ( including Go*, MS*, IB*).

Sure every time i open the btc integration topic , i fear the “what now”. I do think that @dieter.sommer is doing a fabulous job on informing this audience as much as he does.


Hey @nmattia it’s so timely that you made this post, especially the part about auth services integrating with II.

We’re building a few dapps for life sciences research, and one of them is a defi crowdfunding platform for life sciences researchers to raise funds for research with strong commercial promise. We’re trying to work out a way to do AML/KYC/CIP on-chain, hopefully integrating it with II, but we haven’t known who to talk to or what other projects have already figured out on this.

Any thoughts? Our project is here in case you’re curious:

Im new member… question…how much is the max supply of the token ICP?

As someone with basic knowledge here - there’s no max supply. However, ICP is both inflationary (to reward node providers and governance participants) and deflationary (burning ICP from transactions and so on). Maybe someone else can answer further.

hey @sci.jordan !

So far the teams with the most experience integrating with II are Identity Labs (CC @dostro) and AstroX (@neeboo) if I’m not mistaken, I don’t know if anyone is working on KYC but that would be great!

The website looks super slick! Do you already have something running on the IC?

By the way, you should join our community calls, this would be a good topic to discuss.


@sci.jordan we’re working with a few teams on KYC in the background - I’ll message you directly

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Hi @nmattia. Thanks for responding and for the compliment. We are a Dfinity grant recipient and recently met our second milestone. We are building on the IC, but nothing is live yet. We’ll have something to show on IC for Supernova though!

Regarding joining the community call, do you mean to bring up the question of integration with other parties for KYC? Thanks for the referral to @dostro and @neeboo. I’ll reach out to them!

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Thanks @nmattia and hi @sci.jordan , feel free to pm me and let’s collab