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You can use the following code which has been altered to work for internet identity. Follow the commands in README under Building

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Yes me too. Whats the work around. On Firefox on Windows 10. Tried to regsiter twenty times. Given up trying.

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Yes, click “Register with Internet Identity” below, but we are discussing how you need a biometric device, or biometric functions in your laptop. How much does a “ubikey” cost, and what platforms does it work on?

Can a yubikey or a phone be registered to multiple identities or just one?

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You can register them to multiple identities. The user number is used to distinct between them.

Thanks for the update.

I’m getting an error when I try to register a new laptop. When I land on the new device page and enter my user number, nothing happens after I press continue. When I try to press continue again, I get an error that says “A request is already pending.”. Is there a solution to this?

why when I register the Internet Identity, there only option for usb key? there are windows hello of fingerprint on my laptop.
and from docs of Internet Identity, it says that you can use screen lock to rigister new device to login the Internet Identity, but still only option for usb key when I register,
there is someone deal with it? it’s problem about my device?

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did you try different browsers? chrome is supposed to work best

Windows Hello is not supported at this point. This is a known problem and we are working to resolve it. The underlying reason is that Windows Hello does not support modern cryptographic algorithms.

thx @bjoern good to know this is recognized as important factor for wider adoption.

i am having the same question as you, i am currently logging into my account with my mobile phone, but when i log in on my computer it only asks for a key connection, so it will be unstable if my phone is damaged, It’s been stolen, or I upgrade to a new phone, what should I do?