Connecting Yubikey on Phone NNS

Hi everyone,

I’m having a lot of trouble. I created an Internet Identity and deposited some ICP on NNS using my phone. I didn’t add any additional devices and then after clearing NNS from my phone cache, I cannot log into NNS without a security key.

I’ve purchased a Yubikey now. Dfinity isn’t listed on Yubikey as a company and I don’t know how to install it to use it and gain access to the NNS where I have ICP.

I’ve tried logging in using my seed phrase which takes my to an area to add a security key along with my phrase. It asks for a pin for my security key, however, since it’s not registered with the NNS or Dfinity, it won’t work from there.

I’m beginning to think I’ll have to wait for years while my ICP’s spawn before Dfinity fixes the problem. They need to update the NNS and II user manuels to read that an additional device will be required other than a phone, otherwise you cannot log in.

Can someone please help?

Since you are in possession of your seed phrase, can’t you just “recover” on phone through seed phrase and then re-add your phone?

Unfortunately It takes me to an identity management page and I cannot get past that to the NNS area.

Just downloaded the Firefox app and was able to get in to NNS via that. Seems the Safari search engine on the phone will promp you for the security key and Firefox allows you the choice of that or biometric login.

You should be able to access the management page via and the NNS app at .

The NNS app should temporarily forward you to an authentication webpage when you login, then return you to the NNS webpage on success.