Internet Identity Announcement: New Device Registration Flow

In the next few days the Internet Identity team will propose a new release of the Internet Identity dapp. The most notable change will be a new device registration flow. This feature will get rid of the device registration link and replace it with a convenient 6 digit verification code.

Here is a short recording of the new flow in action:
Left is the new device, right is the existing device.

Why Are We Doing This?

The new device registration flow has two main advantages:

  1. It is more convenient, especially if your existing device does not have the ability to read QR codes. We have also improved the instructions on how to add devices in the interface, regardless of which device you choose to start the flow on.
  2. It is more secure. By verifying the new device using a 6 digit code you can easily just enter it from memory on the existing device instead of having to send a link over a potentially insecure channel.

We will update this thread once the new version is deployed. Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback.


Does the device still need a security chip to add the identity?

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Yes, we only support WebAuthn devices.


I see, in my opinion it would be nice if we could use the same flow to temporarily login a device using a separate one that supports WebAuthn, kinda like many apps let you login with a QR code from an already logged in device, that would improve the login flow by a LOT.

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That is an amazing update as it would make it easier to use the IC.

The new device flow is now live!
Check it out on


I was able to get the get the new device flow working.

Thank you to the dfinity community for making this as it cuts down on the cost for starters and hence more people can use and log on the IC.