Unable to login to NNS and other apps

Cannot authorize to nns and some other apps. 06:05 UTC time.
“Internet Identity Anchors Created” chart have not increased for last hour.
https://status.internetcomputer.org/ GREEN and does not detect any problem.


Having the same problem. identity service becomes very slow sometimes not working

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nns subnet blocks rate dropped https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/subnet/tdb26-jop6k-aogll-7ltgs-eruif-6kk7m-qpktf-gdiqx-mxtrf-vb5e6-eqe

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Alsmot 4 hours gap between the problem appeared and status updated.

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This is Ege from the Dfinity team. We observed issues with the connectivity of one data center today. We got in touch with the data center which fixed the issue on their side. The issue later repeated and got fixed as well.
The initial issue was observed between 06:18 and 08:04 UTC.
Then, a second one occurred between 09:25 and 10:53 UTC.
All subnets of the Internet Computer were up and operational during that time. Having said that, some HTTP requests were still being redirected to the nodes from the data center that was unreachable. Certain geographical locations experienced slow-downs due to this. We are already working on preventing this from happening again.



I had beta testers checking out a website builder https://twitter.com/icme_app I am hoping to release soon. https://sygsn-caaaa-aaaaf-qaahq-cai.raw.ic0.app.

When users pressed ‘Convert ICP to cycles’ they transfer cycles to a new container to get a wallet.
However due to this issue we got 504 when they were creating their wallets. What happened to the ICP that they burned to make wallets?

Normally it would give us a canister wallet ID that we would deploy. But it seems that their ICP got burned but we never received a canister ID to be able to deploy,

dfx ledger --network ic create-canister principal_id --amount 1.2

This would normally give us a canister wallet ID to deploy. But instead we were getting a 504 error, their ICP burned but no canister id returned.

We would normally run this after we got the id…
dfx identity --network ic deploy-wallet wallet_id

Not possible because we had a 504 error and no wallet id returned for the transfer that they made to their principal.

So it ended up making that user two canisters under his Principal…
We never got an id back so he was free to keep trying to create a wallet.

During a 504 and other network issues, ideally it would just refund the ICP that he used to try and create a wallet, so he could retry the process at a later time.

Now he has two wallets, and he only needed one…

Hello, I don’t know if this is where I’m supposed to post this particular problem but I’d be glad if I can get any help or referral on it.
Everytime I’ve tried to create an ICP wallet I get this problem. I’ve been trying now for 2 days

‘This page isn’t working nns.ic0.app is currently unable to handle this request.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention and happy to hear that the issue was resolved even though a second canister was created. We will take this behavior into account in future upgrades in order to improve the end user experience when creating new canisters.