Warning of upcoming API Changes?

Hello Folks,

I got completely side-swiped by a couple of changes to the internet computer API (Public Dashboard API) which killed the data fetching part of Genesis II NFTs.

I’ve managed to update the API calls and get everything going again but it wasn’t a pleasant experience!

Is there anywhere I can see upcoming changes to the API so I don’t get caught out again?



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Hi Nathan.

I am from the dashboard team. First off, we sincerely apologize for any troubles that were caused yesterday. So, what happened?

We are in the process of looking to deprecate the version 1 API that can be found here: https://ic-api.internetcomputer.org/api. In doing so, we were over eager in redirecting folks over to the v3 API: https://ic-api.internetcomputer.org/api/v3/swagger.

How do we plan to move forward with updates?

We push out updates once a week. These updates usually contain new endpoints or bug fixes. Very rarely do we introduce breaking changes. We will make a point from now on to post to the forum when an update occurs and what is contained within the update.



That would be awesome. I’ll get shifting over to v3 as well :slight_smile: