Deprecation of Rosetta API instance

What: Deprecation of
When: Oct 10, 2023

Since Genesis, the ICP Dashboard Team has maintained and hosted a publicly accessible deployment of the Rosetta API. The primary consumer of this Rosetta API was the ICP Dashboard to display and search for transactions. Over the last year, the Dashboard team created a new Ledger API to extend the functionality required by the ICP Dashboard. Since the ICP dashboard no longer depends on Rosetta for transaction details, we have decided to deprecate this particular instance of the Rosetta API.

We have published developer documentation to help you run a Rosetta API-compliant node using Docker. This can also be extended to Kubernetes by creating a deployment around the Rosetta API image. This will not affect other instances of Rosetta API.


Are the following APIs open source?

Will they always remain available to the community?

Can the data obtained from them be used to develop applications, etc., for commercial and non-commercial purposes?

Thank you.

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See this, your development speed is really slow :joy:.

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