Ic-api does not give data that is on the IC Dashboard

I am trying to model the future supply of the internet computer. I have been using the ic-api from the internet computer api. I am able to see the amount of cycles burned by date via the ic-api, however I can’t see node provider rewards in the API list. I see node provider rewards on the internet computer dashboard. Where is the dashboard pulling this data from?

Other information I’d like to get (specific amount at a specific date):

  • Voting Rewards - Maturity
  • ICP Converted from Maturity
  • Total ICP Burned
  • Total ICP supply (A date range query similar to cycles burned would be nice)

Is there a way to either add this to the ic-api, or could someone give me a resource to look at this information another way?


Relaying for a colleague:

It looks like the user is using the v1 endpoints. THe IC Dashboard is now using v3 endpoints for data: Swagger UI
This includes the Node Provider Reward data the user is looking for.Total Burned and Total Supply data is found from our Ledger API: Swagger UI


Could someone give me a QRD on how to get node provider rewards with the Swagger UI? After reviewing the available options it seems to be a bit tricky to get the data that I’m looking for.

My general understanding based on what I’ve gathered is that I can query up to 50 transactions with a maximum offset of 50 (so 100 total of the latest transactions) and I can use the account identifier to see the transactions made by each account_identifier.

From there I can take the account identifier and plug it into “/accounts/{account_identifier}/transactions_flow” to see the transfer type and amount. I see the block height as well which I thought I could use for “/transactions”, but it seems like if I plug the block_height number that I’m getting from “transactions_flow” into “/transactions” with the max limit I am not getting a result.

This leads me to be more confused as I see the block_height is 3510541 in the transaction above, but the IC dashboard shows 1.9 billion blocks, and dfx seems to just show random numbers for the “certified_height” which I assumed would be the block height. My assumption is that when I dfx ping ic that I’m getting block heights of different subnets.

Is there documentation that I could read to better understand what is going on here? I feel like I’m performing some kind of insurmountable task to get ahold of a simple set of data.

There’s an endpoint to get node provider rewards over time. This query would give you the node provider rewards from Genesis until the time I wrote this message:

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This is great! How would someone find this endpoint? I don’t see this on the Swagger UI. Are there other endpoints that are not displayed on Swagger UI that I could use? Is there a list out there somewhere?

Thank you!

I think Severin accidentally posted the Swagger page for the Ledger API twice. One of those links should have been for the IC v3 API: