Wallet does not exist

During development on the previous beta versions of dfx I tried deploying a wallet. The process did not succeed and I ended up with a principal referencing a wallet canister that does not exist, see below:

❯ dfx identity --network ic get-wallet

❯ dfx wallet --network ic balance
The Replica returned an error: code 3, message: "IC0301: Canister e3iyo-5aaaa-aaaaa-qbaea-cai not found"

Is there a way to remove the connection between my principal and the ghost wallet? I could create a new identity but would rather keep it if possible.

(dfx wallet --network ic set-wallet does not do the trick)

I believe the command is dfx identity --network ic set-wallet

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You’ll need to delete the network entry for that wallet in ~/.config/dfx/identity//wallets.json. So here you’d delete the entry for ic
Also, general app subnets aren’t ready yet so you won’t be able to create a wallet on production yet

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Sorry, that’s what I meant and have been trying.

Great, thanks, that did it!