Wallets.json not found

I am trying to host my ICP project using fleek. I am following this video Deploy to Dfinity's Internet Computer with DFX and Github Actions - YouTube and this github link GitHub - FleekHQ/IC-Deploy-Action: Github action that wraps dfx commands to deploy canisters to Dfinity on push for that.

At this step I found out that I don’t have any wallet.json file in my system. Does anyone know, why and how can I create that file?

dfx dev here, I likely cannot help with anything besides the wallets.json file.

The code above assumes that

  • you have a wallet configured and
  • you have it configured for the identity called default

Every identity that has a wallet configured has the file ~/.config/dfx/identity/<identity name>/wallets.json.
If you have no identity with a configured wallet, please follow the instructions here to create a wallet yourself (or go through the faucet).
If you have an identity with a wallet already, you just have to navigate to the right identity’s folder.
If you have a wallet, but it’s not configured in dfx, you can use dfx identity set-wallet (choose the right network with --network).

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Hi Severin, I have gone through the artice and try to create a wallet. But unfortunately stuck in the command,

dfx ledger --network ic create-canister <principal-identifier> --amount <icp-tokens>

since i don’t any icp tokens with me yet :sweat_smile:
Have asked for faucet, waiting for the confirmation from them.

Thank you for replying.

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