Migrate with dfx wallet and identity to a new computer


I have recently switched to a new computer and run into issues when I tried to set dfx wallet and be able to controll previously created canisters.

Basically here is what I have:

  1. A canister wallet created through NNS UI oxdm3-sqaaa-aaaah-qaegq-cai that I used as a cycles wallet before, this principal is also an controller of previously created canisters, on my old laptop I used this flag --wallet oxdm3-sqaaa-aaaah-qaegq-cai when running dfx commands on the mainnet.
  2. I added my new dfx identity principal as a controller for this canister wallet (oxdm3-sqaaa-aaaah-qaegq-cai)
  3. Now when I try to run dfx commands it says there is no wallet set up for the identity on the ic network, if I try to run dfx identity set-wallet oxdm3-sqaaa-aaaah-qaegq-cai --network ic it says that only a controller or custodian can call this method.

Any Idea how to make it working? One thing to note – I don’t have unfortunately access to the old computer. :frowning: I thought that I will be able to pair the new one with the old canister as I have access through NNS to it.

I don’t know well dfx but, did you try to pass --no-wallet to the dfx command?

It’s what I do when I deploy my only remaining dfx frontend canister for which I also created the canister in NNS dapp and attached the controller.


dfx deploy frontend --network ic --no-wallet