VoIC library for tracking tokens and building DAOs

I’ve started this repo, GitHub - icdevs/VoIC, for building a component that helps manage the tracking of token movements from a remote canister and notifying another canister of those movements.

It includes examples of tracking icrc-1 tokens that use SNS-1 style transactions logs(will need to be updated for icrc-3), icrc legacy like ICP and ogy that don’t use principal in the transaction log, dip20, and origyn_nft.

It also has a nice delegation mechanism that alllows for claiming of NNS based principals for delegation purposes. Since you can’t call external services with those addresses easily, it allows the user to send a small amount of ICP from the adress and then claim the delegation.

I’d love to have some eyes on it to see if there are vulnerabilities.

It is running the daos listed on https://utiy3-bqaaa-aaaam-abe7a-cai.ic0.app/. These are basically shadow daos that have the same membership as their source dao, but that can take more action/use different rules. In this case 1 token = 1 vote with basic liquid democracy.

This is likely just a fun example dapp that demonstrates interoperability on the IC, but if you see broader use for it, let me know and we can explore it.

Example: Origyn will likely use an extension of the NFT tracker to create daos for nft collections. By setting the collection owner to one of these daos, you effectively hand over control of the collection to the community. By wiring up a royalty to to the DAO, you give it a self sustaining treasury.

Please provide feedback.