Builder's and Developer's DAO Axon Experiment: Create a list of contributors for airdrops/beta lists

Join the “Builders Too Busy to Pay Attention to Your Allow-List But Will Support You When it’s Time” DAO is excited to announce a social experiment - the “Builders Too Busy to Pay Attention to Your Allow-List But Will Support You When it’s Time” DAO. This DAO is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables developers to create a catalog of the most talented and valuable developers in the ecosystem who may be too busy to engage on social media.

Our DAO runs on an out-of-the-box Axon canister and is powered by a “DAO logic” canister that is assigned as a minter. The Axon disallows token transfers, so the only way to get a token is to have the dao logic canister mint it for you.

How does the dao logic canister mint you a token? Simple - the DAO votes to add your principal to the list by calling a function that only the dao proxy canister is allowed to call. It’s like being initiated into a secret society - only another member can make you a member.

You can view the current list of members here:

The DAO is live here: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

And the source code for the dao logic canister is available on GitHub: GitHub - icdevs/quicklist-dao: A simple dao for making a list

To join, simply follow these best practices:

  1. Share your GitHub profile or other evidence of being a DFINITY Blockchain Developer or Builder in the note field.
  2. Share a bit of information about who you are, but feel free to remain anonymous if you prefer.
  3. Edit: I also need the principal you want to be public.

The quorum for adding new members is currently set at 10% of the DAO, and at least 50% of voters need to accept.

If you’re interested in joining, DM me or post below. We’ll select a few proposers once we reach 20 members. Together, we can create a valuable resource for new projects looking to airdrop or auto-add our community to allow lists and beta access lists.

Check out this short tour video for more details: About BTB DAO - YouTube

Note: This DAO has no implicit value and any vote tokens are not transferable. Feel free to try to game the system so we can build social consensus around how these things should work, but please don’t do so expecting to get any kind of profit. If the list becomes a dumping ground for opportunists principals then it will lose all of its value as a source of IC Developers who are open to engaging with new projects to build the ecosystem.


Love it! wanted to do something similar before so would be happy to join

  1. Work as a dev for AstroX

I need the principal you want me to add! Feel free to DM it to me if you want to.


Was too busy coding and almost missed this post :rofl:


I found a bug! Re proposing some of you all :grimacing:

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I’d love to be a part of a DAO for builders, but I’m not necessarily doing most of the dev of that which I’m building. But I’m still too busy to keep up with socials!

I’ve been a dev mentor in both Motoko Bootcamps. I’ve also got a project migrating to the IC ( I’ve COMPLETED two Dfinity Dev Grants: MindBank and ICPuzzle.

If I’m a good candidate still, I’d love to be included! I’ll provide my Principal over DM if so.


Please do! Basically, anyone that is a designer, developer, manager of developers, or Project founder on the IC. If your job is dependent on IC Developers you’re likely more than welcome. We may keep the marketing folks on the sideline for now😬, but if a marketer is interested in starting one focused on Marketers I’d be more than happy to set it up for them.


Hi Austin, cool initiative.

I want to join the list.

  1. CapuzR (Ricardo Capuz) · GitHub |
  2. Ricardo Capuz (capuzr) - Weavers Lab Founder, vibrant NFT Art Exhibition & ICP in Spanish co-founder.
  3. My principal: mlvdq-eg2nv-zsiyw-gc5yk-mvwsn-wd3m6-a2d2i-tf2lf-xbpvu-yhfzb-sqe
  1. My GitHub:
    InternetComputerOG (Isaac Valadez) · GitHub

  2. Info about me:
    I’m Isaac Valadez, Marketing Lead at Code & State and creator of the NNS Proposal Submission dapp, Motoko Bootcamp, and ntagle.

  3. My Principal: gj3h2-k3kw2-ciszt-6zylp-azl7o-mvg5j-eudtf-fpejf-mx2rd-ifsul-dqe

  1. My Github:
    InternetComputer developer
    2.Info about me:
    I’m Jack Choi, a block chain backend engineer at Bochsler Tech, work on IC storage, low level protocol based on rust and how to combine AI with IC.
    3.My Principal: