UpgradeSnsControlledCanister size support: 2, 10 or 100+ Mb?

What size of Wasm is supported by the proposal type UpgradeSnsControlledCanister?

If the limit is only 2 MB, is there a plan and a concrete timeline to support larger payloads?


I plan to migrate Juno’s console to a single canister architecture, deprecating its current dfx asset canister. I want to design a solution that is compatible with a potential future SNS proposal while also optimizing development efforts.

Unfortunately, since the ingress message size limit is 2mb, it’s complicated to support installing larger canisters than that. It’s possible (see this thread), but we don’t have a specific timeline for supporting it on the SNS.

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Yep, I know it’s possible. That’s why I was asking about the timeline to support larger payloads in case that had not yet been supported. :wink:

It’s surprising, though, that among all the NNS canisters and all the SNSes, such a requirement has never popped up before.

Nevertheless, it’s good to know that I should hack around a solution that better need to amend this limitation.

Thanks for the feedback!