SNS Update: Feb 1, 2024

The NNS Team has just submitted the following proposal to publish a new version of the SNS Governance canister to SNS-WASM. This is an urgent upgrade that would enable OpenChat to upgrade their User Index canister without resetting the memory limit settings. Therefore, DFINITY plans to vote on these proposals tomorrow, Thursday, 2024-02-01.


Last Monday, the OpenChat developers observed errors related to their User Index canister reaching the memory limit. This limit is not a platform-level limitation but a constant that the canister’s controller should be able to set and adjust. More details on canister memory allocation limits. Unfortunately, the SNS currently does not provide the means for changing canister settings of the dapp canisters it controls.

To overcome this issue, the OpenChat community has voted through the proposal that allowed temporarily returning control over the User Index to the developers. After adjusting the needed settings, the control was returned back to the SNS.

This upgrade

Before this upgrade, UpgradeSnsControlledCanister proposals resulted in the memory allocation limit of the upgraded canister being reset to 1 GiB.

With this upgrade, UpgradeSnsControlledCanister proposals no longer reset memory allocation limits.

Next steps

In the near future, DFINTIY will propose to add a new SNS proposal type for adjusting memory allocation limits (and other canister settings) of SNS-controlled dapp canisters.


SNS Governance

New features:

  • Upgrading a canister controlled by the SNS no longer overrides the canister’s memory limit settings.
  • Enable querying total recent treasury transfers.
  • Deprecate DisburseMaturityResponse::amount_disbursed_e8s.