Upcoming Sonic SNS

I need more details.

Sonic has my support for the SNS.
I am here since it was initially launched on Testnet as DFinance :slight_smile:
Bring on the audit report!


Sonic is good for ICP. I’ll always believe in this team


Thank you for the support

Thanks, man. We love you too

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@diegop , could you please moderate the comments to ensure they stay on topic with SNS? It appears Kyliux1 is launching unfounded attacks, which isn’t productive for the conversation. The responsibility for his lack of understanding isn’t on Sonic. Thank you.

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@diegop , i am available for a talk so I can explain you the situation and responsability they try to hide.

Thank you for letting my warning in this topic since it has its right place here.

@anon98653474 @memecake and others…

I am going to make this simple:

  1. If anyone has a concern about X, it is reasonable to say “I am concerned about X”… but if you keep repeating it, I will take it as “spam”. Once you made your point, if you do not like something, move on. Let people decide.

  2. It is reasonable to say “I do not think X is safe because of Y” or “I am worried about the trade offfs of Z” or “not helpful to X” but i will not tolerate calling things or projects “scams” because that projects an intent on the makers that is usually just the readers preference.

  3. If many people flag a comment, we will review it. We do not remove for being unpopular, but we will remove for being off topic or mean.

So in short:

  1. If you have concern, post and post respectfully.
  2. If anyone keeps posting same concern, we will take it as FUD and spam (we really cannot be mediating all the time what is and is not valid concern so we will allot one freebie).
  3. If anyone posts concerns in an ad hominem way, we will remove.
  4. People should take care of how to post concerns or questions.
  5. If a project is not for someone, that is valid. Just move on.

Sorry but if I raise a concern and people just object by “he is not understanding LBP” while LBP is designed to absolutely not protect users ( who gets a 10 times higher rate on a swap saying it would swap ), I believe this is something that should be repeated and not just silenced and flooded afterwards by messages.

Sonic is now just a gun pointed at people just waiting for someone to detect when a swap activity will happen to add huge money, change the rate, and sell it directly afterwards. Absolute no users protection and those issues happens only when it worth it for the robot behind it, so thats a minority of times, letting people disgusted.

have you even tried their LPB ? Or you just trust the people with the majority of messages here ? ( quality and quantity… or biased people ? ) If i was a scammer I would LOVE that sonic stays as it is to use it as a weapon against people.

So yeah. gun is not killing “alone”, so sonic is not a scam without a bad intended user. So in the end we should blame the canister ? The bad actor making the canister ? Or should be better answer the issues of the original design flaw that they keep in purpose in the platform design ?

If you like that such a product to adds a extra unsafe layer on ICs ( that is marketed to be safe ) keep censoring me without giving me alternatives, we will just lose more new users ( and absolutely lose the fact that we are supposed to be safe )

I disagree.

If you say X and people reply that you don’t understand X, that’s on them. If they ask follow up questions, one should feel free to answer.

But to repeat the same points “until people get it” is not working.

If you are afraid of your message being lost in the shuffle of messages, I’m sorry but that’s the nature of online forums.

If you are afraid people do not listen enough to you, I’m not sure what to tell you. That’s also a consequence of communication and engagement style.

This goes the other way too, if someone keeps spamming you with the same points “until you get it”, I will see their behavior as spam.


I understand your point.

Will leave you alone, not going to fight this, deleting my account asap.

Good luck Diego and Dfinity.

You’re welcome! Absolutely, let’s keep the spotlight on SNS. The auditing report is certainly a pivotal moment and there’s a lot of excitement in the air. Looking forward to what comes next!

@memecake I just want to say that I am impressed by your team’s perseverance. Your first attempt to launch an SNS didn’t go as planned, but your team took the feedback and did what was asked of you. I hope everyone in the community sees that and I hope you are successful this time around.


When Sonic first proposed social networking, there was no precedent other than Open chat, and the proposal was rejected due to numerous concerns. Yes, “to protect the Neuron Fund.”

Since then many SNSs have been submitted and many have been passed, but how do you think those projects that were passed compare to Sonic in terms of credibility?

My personal opinion

My understanding is that Sonic is going to start a new one, SNS-W, which will do for ICP what Synthetix is doing with SNX as collateral to create a variety of synthetic assets. Tokens that could not be handled before, such as stablecoin, can be achieved in the Sonic economy. Depending on how it is done, it may be possible to increase the utility of ckbtc, SNS-1, etc.

Since it is important for these products to increase their pledge, access to SNS funds is more reasonable than before. Also, based on recent examples, products dealing with finance will not only need a one-time Audit, but the cost of regular audits and bounties will also be important.

Since Meme cake they have been working on increasing liquidity and I hope SNS will be something that will allow them to realize their plans.


Thank you. Our journey to this point has been fueled by hard work and community support. Since the beginning, we’ve had steadfast supporters and thoughtful critics who have helped us refine our mission. It’s both our duty and privilege to listen and adapt for the betterment of the project. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has constructively criticized us and stood by our side.


This is for you it seems you didnt read it properly.

This will enhance your understanding of DEXs required secure potential

I appreciate your support.

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This seems like a reasonable and respectable way to moderate for forum. Thank you.

@memecake this is +1 for me too. I’ve noticed your perseverance and dedication to get this SNS launched and it has been impressive. You’ll get my vote.


Thankyou @LightningLad91

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