Upcoming Sonic SNS

Sonic is preparing for the launch of its SNS. Prior to the Swap proposal, we will release our audit report and other relevant information. Please stay tuned for updates. Additionally, you can find the updated roadmap and SNS details here. - Sonic - Towards a Universal Standard for Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading - Sonic Whitepaper

Official tweet - https://twitter.com/sonic_ooo/status/1699916290645717269?s=20


This is very interesting IMO :slight_smile:
I look forward to participating in the SNS sale!


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I am confident that Sonic is at the point where he can use the SNS to go and build more.
I only want to take a look at the audit that Code&State did.


We need professionals to audit the project.

Comparing Binance Swap with a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool is like comparing apples to oranges; it’s not only inappropriate but also indicates a misunderstanding of how LBPs function. For a better grasp, you’re welcome to consult the LBP documentation in our repository or refer to materials provided by Balancer.

Thank you.


Please find below - again - your own documentation


Excited for this one. Awaiting for the audit report. I have confidence in the team.


A scam would be a team that runs away with money, using an app that isn’t real. The Sonic team members are Doxed, have been known for building within the ecosystem for years now, and they are clearly building real dapps, which would be a very dumb way to run a scam. If they were dishonest there are a lot of easier ways they could have run away with user funds by now, that’s clearly not their intent.

This just looks like extreme slippage, which is normal on any LBP on any platform on L1. Could they have communicated the slippage warnings about this better? Maybe. Are there possible UI improvements and other things they should add? Probably. For example, they should probably add something that reverts the transaction in the case of slippage that goes over a max threshold. I’m sure that’s on the roadmap, but they do position this as an early stage product.

You are using an alpha product on an experimental network within an emerging industry. Never spend what you cannot afford to lose and give the builders a little grace, we are all human and they are just trying their best. We all love the IC, name calling helps no one. Stay safe out there!


Education is important and unfortunately many ICP members expect to reap 1000X from every swap. LBP is a different beast and many jump without due diligence.

The screenshot above shows Sonic disclaimer but CT thought it’s the documentation!!! Imagine the level of understanding.

He can’t show you the audit because there’s a bunch of critical security issues.

Then patch it first but it has been a month or two since they started so I figured would be done by now.
Started July 19 th. as per



Edit: retracting my comments here as they were a bit uncalled for.


The audit is done. Auditing and rectification goes hand in hand. It’s not done keeping projects blindsided. That’s not the point.

Audit reports generally takes 2-3 business days to generate. It’s a 25+ page tech report.


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You’re welcome. We’re committed to continuously improving the user experience and appreciate your valuable feedback as it helps us achieve that goal.

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If you were, there will be a difference in a UI from previous events to prevent this to happen. That did not happen before and, we both know that you wont change anything, right ? You had time the last 3-6 months.

But yeah save the face and pretend you care :wink:

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The audit is done, we’re just cleaning up the report.

The audit was over the Swap canister (which is part of the SNS launch), not the LBP canister (which is a separate dapp and not part of the SNS launch).

To summarize, Swap canister was solid. There were some findings from the audit (which the Sonic team is resolving as we speak) because it was so thorough, but at the end of the day the auditors would feel safe having their own money in the swap canister as it is currently coded. That in itself says enough!

Full audit is actually 39 pages long right now. Total audit duration was 4.5 weeks by a team of 3 auditors
Completion date was just two days ago on 9/7, so that’s why we’re still just polishing up the grammar, etc of the report. I’m excited to see the full audit report published!

Just takes a bit of time!


Excellent analysis aiv. Thanks for your objective view.

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