Upcoming Sonic SNS

When Sonic first proposed social networking, there was no precedent other than Open chat, and the proposal was rejected due to numerous concerns. Yes, “to protect the Neuron Fund.”

Since then many SNSs have been submitted and many have been passed, but how do you think those projects that were passed compare to Sonic in terms of credibility?

My personal opinion

My understanding is that Sonic is going to start a new one, SNS-W, which will do for ICP what Synthetix is doing with SNX as collateral to create a variety of synthetic assets. Tokens that could not be handled before, such as stablecoin, can be achieved in the Sonic economy. Depending on how it is done, it may be possible to increase the utility of ckbtc, SNS-1, etc.

Since it is important for these products to increase their pledge, access to SNS funds is more reasonable than before. Also, based on recent examples, products dealing with finance will not only need a one-time Audit, but the cost of regular audits and bounties will also be important.

Since Meme cake they have been working on increasing liquidity and I hope SNS will be something that will allow them to realize their plans.


I’m eagerly anticipating the project’s future. @memecake

@anon98653474 , it might be beneficial for you to pursue additional education to enhance your understanding of decentralized exchanges (DEXs)

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Thank you. Our journey to this point has been fueled by hard work and community support. Since the beginning, we’ve had steadfast supporters and thoughtful critics who have helped us refine our mission. It’s both our duty and privilege to listen and adapt for the betterment of the project. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has constructively criticized us and stood by our side.


This is for you it seems you didnt read it properly.

This will enhance your understanding of DEXs required secure potential

I appreciate your support.

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A possible solution could involve Sonic Dex offering both a pro mode and a beginner mode, but the feasibility of implementing this remains uncertain to me. @memecake

This seems like a reasonable and respectable way to moderate for forum. Thank you.

@memecake this is +1 for me too. I’ve noticed your perseverance and dedication to get this SNS launched and it has been impressive. You’ll get my vote.


Thankyou @LightningLad91

Thankyou Wenzel @wpb

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The report regarding Sonic’s audit has been published here, along with the corresponding actions that have been taken.- Sonic Audit Report. We are thrilled to share some exciting… | by Sonic | Sep, 2023 | Medium


It’s very difficult to use. The dapp does not display the balance in the wallet on the link. I don’t know how you use it. I’m very uncomfortable to use it. Often the balance is gone and I can’t trade. It’s still the same today.

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Last couple of days, We’ve been working diligently to make updates based on the audit and the new branded UI, and now the platform is fully operational and ready for use (we have updated all this on our Twitter).
If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via our Discord support ticket.


Please find our YML file here https://github.com/sonicdex/sonic-v1/blob/main/sns/config/sns.yml


Dear Sonic Community,

We’ve made an honest mistake with our live proposal regarding SNS guidelines and the requested community fund percentage. We apologize for any confusion caused and are committed to rectifying this. We are in discussions with Dfinity and have decided to redo our proposal. To facilitate this, we kindly request that everyone reject the current proposal. We appreciate your understanding and support.


Is there a way to highlight this? Because I had already voted to pass :sob:

Hi Sonic team,
I noticed the following in the provided init file:

  • Numerous dev neurons possess a vesting period of 0.
  • This implies that the dev team could extend the dissolve delay to its maximum (1 year) at genesis. Such an action would amplify their voting power, potentially pushing them over the 50% threshold.
  • I believe it is crucial to provide an assessment of the feasibility of acquiring a majority. The voting power of the dev team at genesis is 45.5% and thus it would not take much to get over 50%.

Hi @bjoernek ,
Thanks for the feedback. Those are our community seed investors. comprising approximately 47 investors will receive 2% of our token supply. These tokens will be distributed in five equal-value neurons. The first neuron has no dissolve delay, while the remaining four have dissolve delays of 3 months, with vesting periods of 0, 3, 6, and 9 months, respectively.

The founding team will have a voting power of 32.1% at Genesis If you are asking about the voting power shown in the token analyzer, it’s the combined value of team, fleek allocation, and community investors, please see our token paper for more details.

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Hey why don’t you make the launch a lot cheaper? Investors want to make money. Do you really think $15+ Million is a fair starting market cap?