Flip House is preparing to launch its SNS DAO for FLIP DAO with a proposal to start the decentralization sale soon. This post is a forum for the IC Community to discuss about FLIP house SNS.

For the past two years, FLIP House has been dedicated to pioneering fully decentralized P2E games on the Internet Computer. Our flagship creation, IC FLIP has garnered attention and accolades for its innovative approach to gaming. Now, we’re expanding our vision with the introduction of IC House - a collaborative platform where creators can launch their own P2E games alongside our in-house offerings.

The FLIP House SNS DAO serves as the social backbone of IC House, fostering community engagement, collaboration, and growth within the ecosystem. By harnessing the power of decentralized governance, we empower our community members to shape the future of P2E gaming on the Internet Computer.

Why SNS?

Community-driven decision-making: As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), FLIP House SNS puts the power in the hands of the community. Every member has a voice in shaping our direction, from deciding on new game launches to proposing governance protocols.

Transparent Governance: Transparency and accountability are at the core of FLIP House SNS DAO. All decisions, proposals, and discussions are conducted openly, ensuring that every member has visibility into the inner workings of our ecosystem.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a decentralized future for gaming on the Internet Computer. Together, we can build a thriving ecosystem of P2E games that empowers creators, rewards players, and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of gaming.

Visit our website, read our white paper, and join the conversation on our forum. Together, let’s flip the script on gaming and usher in a new era of decentralization


I didn’t go through it all yet, but I noticed the name IC House right away. There’s already a product with that name on the IC, which is pretty well-known in the community (https://ic.house/) from the ICLighthouse team. To prevent confusion, I’d suggest considering a different name.

Doesn’t need any confusion, the name is FLIP House, not IC House and the DAO name is FLIP DAO

Please find the .yml file here

What is the point of developers like me spending a year building projects for this kind of project to not be immediately voted down.

You may or not have the product you say you do, but here is your github:

Dfinity, you devalue the SNS by letting this kind of stuff get the chance to be funded.


It’s a free market, get over yourself. At least FLIP has a functioning product at the launch of the SNS sale which is more than can be said of OpenFPL.

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@fliphouse Please have a look at the SNS preparation checklist: SNS preparation checklist | Internet Computer

Providing a technical architecture, open source code, and disclosure of components that won’t be running on ICP and are thus outside of direct control of the DAO is a minimum.


Bit more than flipping a coin involved in OpenFPL though.

But if you’ve got the repo for that game, with all the infrastructure code around scaling and cycle automation then you’d have a point and a lot more support.


I’m not the dev of this project, point was that you should stop bashing other projects and instead focus on delivering a functioning product yourself.

Let’s give some time for @fliphouse to respond regarding SNS checklist situation.

I haven’t bashed this project. I said they may have the project. I asked dfinity to vote down a project with a 3 file github.

I think you’ll find it was you that were unfair about my project but not to worry, I’m immune from caring about your opinion.


You deliberately went out of your way to belittle the project instead of going to the website to check if there’s a product and indirectly asked for DFINITY’s intervention when you could’ve simply asked about the SNS checklist like @domwoe did, so let’s not play the innocent here @jamesbeadle

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Is this not the place to check whether there is a product?

I did go out of my way deliberately, after other showed me the proposal.

Addressing the SNS checklist is a requirement prior to raising the proposal to start this discussion but the proposal is live. Sorry if you don’t like me or my approach, in future I will just merely ask for a completed SNS checklist but I’d rather not even have to get involved, not sure how this has been up for 5 days without it being asked for.


FYI: We have a working product since one year and working on the FLIP House Arcade. Please check our website (https://fliphouse.io/) . We will update our github in a while,

HI @domwoe

Our game is fully on chain and deployed in canisters. Our Github will be update a while.

He didn’t anything wrong he raised serious questions no working product it no doxxed team and if you aren’t willing to offer 70 percent supply in decentralization sale you will get rejected with my 250k votes

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Details updated on the doc, https://docs.icflip.com/. Github updated as well with open source code GitHub - Flip-House/icflip-public: icflip open source code


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We have allocated 33% for decentralised sale and 50% locked DAO treasury in which 5% will be distributed as community airdrop against major platform activity and users.

Voting no cause you don’t seems fun

Thanks. However, this is the wrong order of events. You should’ve provided this information with the forum post and reserve at least two weeks of time for the community to review and ask questions.


I am an IC FLIP NFT holder, Is there any airdrop for NFT holders? If so how can i claim tokens?

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