Yes, As an early supporters we have allocated a total of 2% tokens to NFT holders. We will initiate the airdrop via DAO governance post SNS.

In the white paper, no information is available about the details of neuron distribution to the team and funders. How many baskets are planned for the team, and how do they differ in terms of vesting? You mention that the distribution for funders is divided into 5 baskets, but there is no information about the vesting for each basket. Provide this information please.

Due to the reasons highlighted by @domwoe above — for instance the too short forum syndication period, which limits the community’s opportunity to review and ask questions — and as per the standards documented in our voting guidelines, DFINITY will vote no on this proposal.

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There will be a 3 year vesting for team tokens which will be distributed in 7 equal neurons with 1 year dissolve delay and vesting period of 0,6,12,18,24,30,36 months.

Hi @bjoernek @domwoe

Thank you for your valuable feedback and for highlighting the concerns regarding the forum syndication period. We fully understand and accept the points raised, recognizing the importance of ample time for community review and engagement. In light of this, we officially withdraw our proposal and respectfully request everyone to reject it.

We acknowledge and appreciate DFINITY’s decision to vote against the proposal, reflecting their commitment to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of our systems.

Furthermore, We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the community members who supported us by voting yes, especially those named neurons. We are expecting their continued support in the future aswell.

Moving forward, We assure you that we will relaunch our proposal at a later stage, following all the necessary steps and protocols. Until then, we are dedicated to delivering value through our ongoing product development initiatives and community strengthening activities.

Thank You.