Upcoming EMC(EdgeMatrix Computing) SNS Decentralization Sale

Here is a technical / system design question. You say in your current live proposal :
" The following 5 Dapp canisters (same applications as last submission but redeployed in new canisters) will be directly controlled by the SNS.

  • Official Website: 2heg6-2aaaa-aaaap-qbl3q-cai
  • EMC Node dashboard: 2afak-xyaaa-aaaap-qbl3a-cai
  • EMC Hub: 2jglw-bqaaa-aaaap-qbl2q-cai
  • EMC Requester of Computing Nodes: 23a4p-naaaa-aaaap-qblzq-cai
  • EMC Stable Diffusion: 2ohnc-miaaa-aaaap-qbl2a-cai

The following 3 Asset canisters won’t be handed over since they’ve been handed over to the governance canister within last submission. And they are planned to be replaced with official ICRC-1 EMC token and corresponding new canisters after SNS launch ASAP.

  • DIP20 Token: aeex5-aqaaa-aaaam-abm3q-cai
  • EMC PreSale: bvojc-yyaaa-aaaam-abm6a-cai
  • EMC Node Reward: nk6pr-3qaaa-aaaam-abnrq-cai "
  1. Why NOT replace with the official ICRC-1 and corresponded canisters BEFORE the SNS launch since AND THIS is your words you will do it right AFTER ?
    Do you not have the time being busy in the forum ?

  2. Why are you NOT showing the YAML configuration file ? as per 1.4 in the :
    SNS Launch Checklist