Try Out the New NNS Neuron Sandbox 🛠️

Hi all,

We’re thrilled to share something new with the ICP community: the NNS Neuron Sandbox :beach_umbrella:, an on-chain simulator for experimenting with NNS neurons.

What’s the Sandbox?
It’s an interactive tool designed to simulate the behavior of neurons in the NNS, helping users understand and engage with ICP governance :ballot_box:. All of this, of course, is 100% on-chain.

Why It Matters
Getting involved in NNS governance requires some learning, especially around neuron configurations and operations. The Neuron Sandbox makes this learning process easier, offering a way to practice and experiment safely :hammer_and_wrench:.

How It Works
The simulator is implemented in JavaScript and runs in a dedicated canister. It’s a straightforward tool for anyone interested in the NNS, whether you’re starting or have been around for a while :rocket:.

Your Feedback Wanted
We’re keen to hear from you. Any thoughts, suggestions, or issues you share will help us improve the Neuron Sandbox. Give it a try and let us know what you think! :busts_in_silhouette:.

The NNS Neuron Sandbox will also be featured in the February Public Global R&D presentation.


That’s a nice addition. One future improvement I think might come in handy are settings to customize and forecast changes in staked supply over time and see how they’d impact rewards/VP.

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Thank you, @Zane, for the great suggestion! One approach to implement this could be to introduce a new field in the expert settings. This field would enable users to select a ratio—potentially varying over time—of total voting power relative to the total supply. Would this approach address your point?

I like the idea a lot @Zane and @bjoernek. You could use historical staking trends (magnitude of changes and rate of changes) as rough boundaries for these customizations so people don’t unknowingly model unrealistic conditions. The changes are slow. Of course people will want to know what happens if 90% (or 95%, or 80%, etc) of total ICP in existence is staked, but if they are running those models then there probably should be some way to communicate how far off from reality those conditions are based on historical trends.

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Thank you, wish I had that back when I stacked. I would love to see my daily/weekly/monthly rewards at any time. I think many users hoping for a passive income with staking icp, so that numbers might be interesting at any time.

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Really good job !! Congratulations! :clap: :clap:

One suggestion, maybe you can add a button to specify that maturity is reinvested every day… Simulating that you have this option activated in your neuron.


Sorry, I already saw the option. :blush:


It would be great if you could manually load the context of your neuron. For example, setting it to start with a specific ‘Age Bonus.’ Is that possible? Thx !!

This helps, but the reality is that I was adding staking to a neuron, so the "‘Age Bonus.’ it was changing for me.

What I mentioned earlier, I managed to simulate it already, playing with the parameters, it ended up quite similar to my current neuron.

Could it be added to the simulation how much Maturity you would be earning per day ?

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Looks great and pretty intuitive to play with. However, keep in mind that newcomers would still be lost, since “maturity” and “dissolve state” would not be so obvious to them.

So my feedback is simple: you should add a “Learn more about staking” link that points to this doc and vice versa (add a link to the sandbox in the docs).

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Very nice tool, can keep me busy for some time. I have a few suggestions tho.

  1. Is it possible to have a fast fw button so we could simulate the entire period in just a few seconds
  2. Are you able to add “years” as a duration in settings? While days can provide an accurate view, it’s much easier to simulate in years rather than days
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Hey, I have been playing with this and am wondering why after I hit my 4yr max age bonus the APY levels out and no longer follows the curve down to 5%?

The APY level should not go down to 5%, but rather depends on the neuron’s voting power. If you click the info buttons next to each graph you will get further explanation and formulas.

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Ah!! That is one of the concepts that I have struggled to grasp. I do see that the info button shows the total reward percent goes down to 5%. This makes me so much happier that I bit the bullet and locked non dissolving when I did.

Thank you for this tool I love playing around with the different strategies to grow my vp and icp holdings.


I just sent this over to somebody to check out and it looks like the ‘Stake Maturity’ slider is not working

The Stake Maturity slider works for me (I just double checked). Please confirm whether you already earned some maturity.

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