SNS Swap Fee - Drunk idea or genius?

I was wondering if it is possible to charge a fee for the SNS swap “service”?

Projects are having “decentralization swaps” utilizing the SNS and its “reputation” thereby creating value for the project involved with the swap on the SNS and because value was created the ICP community should charge a fee for this in my opinion.

Would an 1% SNS swap fee for the project involved in the swap, upon swap completion 1% of the raised ICP is charge as a fee to the project and then the ICP is burned. It would be the biggest burning :fire: event in ICP history, from small or large projects, why shouldn’t everyone have a turn in the SNS. “If you build it, they will come” and they will happily pay you for the service of creating a DAO on the SNS. Meme coins are coming and small, medium, large and existing & start-up projects are exploring DAO’s.

I brought this up in the Ghost token thread but thought it may be off topic there so started a new thread.

Was an SNS fee ever discussed previously?

If value is created or a service is performed we should charge a fee, shouldn’t we? Would it limit growth? Would it help it?


What a genius idea, like you, come on, burn it.

Not a bad idea in the future to improve the tokenomics.

Not really in favor right now as it’s beneficial for projects to raise as much money as possible.

We need more we’ll funded projects on the IC.

The project gets charged a 1% fee that they will gladly pass on to the token purchaser.

Imo, Burning tokens is a red flag for poor tokenomics. Just being used as a way to regain hype on a poorly performing token with a declining community.

ICP is projected to become deflationary in 5(?) years by burning tokens if I’m remembering the latest report correctly.

I wouldn’t call ICP becoming deflationary, a reason to call it a bad project.

If the Community Fund is being used for the SNS swap and it’s all Maturity anyway, it seemed like a fee that could easily be absorbed. It would also be good for ICP on our path to becoming deflationary.

What about a fee to use the community fund?

If a Project X wants 100,000 ICP from the Community Fund, a 1% fee is charged from the raised ICP, maybe that’s where the fee is paid from?

Maybe now isn’t the right time, but I think Dfinity should make a note about an SNS fee in the future.

Why will deflation not occur as projected for ICP?

Ok :ok_hand: it’s in another thread. I’ll post it soon, i didn’t realize you are new to ICP, as I’ve seen you post on other threads before.

Edit link to thread with math:

Oh gotcha, so you’re a spammer on the forum?