Questions about Bitcoin Integration

Hello everyone.
I wonder how will Bitcoin will be integrated in future. I understood that canister will be able to interact with Bitcoin Blockchain without bridge. And an API will be available for developers for this.

Questions :

  1. As I see my ICP tokens in the, will “Bitcoin” be added at this place ? Will we be able to send and receive Bitcoin directly from NNS interface ?

  2. Or will this functionality of owning Bitcoin be managed by dApps (ONLY) (like has its own ICP wallet )?

I guess that one of the first use case of BTC integration should be to create an exchange with ICP/BTC. There should be wrapped tokens (You send 1 BTC to an address controlled by the core NNS, and you receive a wrapped BTC). I hope that in the future, wrapped tokens will be managed by the ICP core and that such a big responsibility will not be delegated to side developers. Wrapped BTC controlled by core NNS is the only way to put bitcoin at ICP speed (for quick trading), with no trust issues. Do people agree with me? If not, I may not understand everything. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Lots of people agree with you, and this is happening! It’s called Chain Key BTC (ckBTC) and is being developed by DFINITY alongside the native integration.

You can check out the original post about it here


Thank you for your quick answer. I’m going to read this !

Only 1st question should be answered now :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ll leave that for DFINITY to answer :slight_smile: . Probably a good question for the NNS dApp team. I would love to hold BTC in my NNS wallet too.


I think It will probably be in the SNS. I saw in roadmap it will be available in September.