Thoughts of 8-year gang commitment model

Wanted to get your views on the following model I am thinking. I completely understand that any investment I do is based on my knowledge and risk taking and both ways it should not be treated as investment advice.

  • Currently I have x number of ICPs staked for 2 years or so term
  • I also have automatic restaking of maturity
  • I am adding new ICPs frequently using dollar cost averaging

I reason I have not joined 8-year gang yet is that I am not sure if I would need to liquidate some of the investment before that. So this is the model I am thinking:

  • Increase delay to 8 years
  • remove automatic restaking of maturity
  • Use maturity to convert to ICP and sell if need to


  1. With no investment advice disclaimer, do you see any blind spot in this plan
  2. Irrespective of this plan, if someone has to unstake ICPs before the delay is over, what happens?
  3. Is there a difference between staking of ICP and Maturity besides the tax consequence of converting maturity to ICP?
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I’m in a similar place, having a ~2-year stake that I often consider making an 8-year. I have several areas of moderate-serious concern for ICP, but I also think most of the risk involved in staking ICP for 8 years currently applies to 2-year stakes as well.

  1. Without addressing the myriad risk factors inherent in this investment, it’s a perfectly reasonable plan

  2. TMK there is no way to “unstake” ICP before the delay period is over, other than the theoretical possibility of appealing to the community for an exemption via the NNS

  3. For your purposes, probably not, but you might want to take a look at this