Staking and starting the dissolve delay

Hi my question is regarding the staking process and the possible different strategies which are available.

Let’s say I stake 100 ICP for a a locked up period of 8 years and I want to follow the locked up compound strategy from the The Best Staking Strategy to Maximize Liquid ICP - The ICP Guide. At the time of staking I do not start the dissolve process until the 8 years a passed.

After the 8 years I start the dissolve process with a period of 6 months.

Is this possible and is this corresponding with the locked up compound strategy ?

Thanks clarification

If you lock your ICP for 8 years (locked period), wait 8 years then start then dissolving process, you’ll have to wait an additional 8 years (dissolve period).

So, (locked period) + (dissolve period) = how long you’ll wait. In your case, 16 years.

You could set a dissolve delay of 6 months, keep it locked for 8 years, then start then dissolving process, which you would only have to wait 6 months in that scenario.

Thanks for you response.

To get a withdrawal in 8,5 years, can I do the following:

  • lockup ICPs for 8 years without starting the dissolve delay
  • after waiting 6 month from beginning I start the dissolve delay with 8 years
  • then withdraw will be in 8,5 years from the beginning

Is that correct ?

That’s correct, yes.

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