Request for Feedback: Roadmap for our Learning Platform project

We have started the project called “Decentralized Universities” which you can find here:

The purpose of the project is to provide a learning platform which incentivises people to create and consume learning content. The content can be anything from programming topics to stock market basics or non-tech topics such as history or gardening.

Currently the feature set is:

  • Content is structured in lessons. A lesson is structured into chapters. A chapter contains building blocks like rich texts, images and videos
  • There is a convenient editor for creating new lessons
  • The frontend, the business logic and the persistence is running natively on IC.

Suggested roadmap:

  • Incentivise learning content creators and learners by creating a system of rewards
  • Organise lessons in “Universities”, e.g. the “Trading University” has several courses on fundamentals, charts analysis etc.
  • Role-based access control around universities and courses
  • Enhance courses to contain self-check tests and exams

My question: From your view as the IC developers, does the suggested roadmap sound appealing, or do you think anything is missing?

Any feedback is very much welcome! Thank you!


Hi! Sounds fine on paper. Ultimately it all depends on how the dapp will perform live in real time. Probably having the correct architecture and smart contract would be the key because many projects have suffered along with their users if the architecture was faulty, leading to huge cycle drain. So make sure everything is working but also viable. :slight_smile:

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