IC "white glove" onboarding for new dev & projects

This started from a discussion in the dev discord here

I brought a couple of new developers from another non crypto venture to build our first dApp on IC a couple of months ago. I must say the experience was frustrating. We spent a significant effort investigation basic bugs or missed steps found when simply following the tutorial and could not find any regular support apart from volunteers on discord or redit and some topics on this forum. If I wasn’t already a strong believer in IC, the dev could have gone to another blockchain.

IC has a lot to offer to all sorts of projects tired to the perpetual renting and zero ownership in web 2.0, far beyond typical crypto defi projects. Also, from the tokenomics, more large scale projects would burn enough cycles to move the IC into the “deflationist token” zone.
As new strategic features are being added (integration with BTC as example), attracting and properly onboarding new dev and projects should be a significant priority. If the Dfinity foundation core dev is swamped (which i can imagine) may be a something like onboarding & support dao could make it with some funding pool and full time folks paid to outreach & meet devs from various places and explain how IC could be helpful to them, then welcome/train/support them and eliminate as much as possible the backlog of pending unanswered issues.
I remember when Twilio started going after developers, inviting them in parties, explaining how they should use their notification platform back then in the early Apps era. This worked so well they became the de-facto notif platform for large scale Apps such as Airbnb, Uber etc…
That playbook is safe to me and could be used here.


Note: not all users in here are on the discord:

Here are some screenshots of the questions:

Here’s an invite link for discord just in case: DFINITY DEV OFFICIAL


Thanks for sharing the screenshots. Makes it much clearer

FWIW I’ve heard a similar sentiment as well.

Just got my ‘Basic’ badge so can finally reply. I’d be interested in any onboarding program you develop :). In the meantime I’ll go through:

Discord is full of people that need assistance, I dont know why is team ignoring that considering discord is a usual place for devs to hang out