Submit your Dfinity/ICP project to be advertised by Hype Team 🚀

Good day infinite Dfinity and ICP community members. Does your project needs some major visibility and advertisement?

My name is Edgar, im a newbie on Dfinity forum and still am going trough learning process here and it’s bit harder since am not a DEV. I’m good in advertising crypto projects (love video content) and really looking forward to give assistance to your projects, since well developed projects sometimes lack publicity i want to form team from people that are keen on advertising, got some mates with me, but still insiders are always better informed about. So if your good in SMM, copy writing, video creation, design etc. DM me a short intro about your skills and details about what part of hype you want to grow at.

So back to the advertising your projects.

  1. Give a brief about your Dfinity/ICP project by filling this form:
  1. Choose Youtubers from list that might suit your needs by reviewing your project.
  1. Have a cup of tea, coffee or beer. I’ll will get back you shortly to discuss ongoing processes.

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  3. If your know a good project that is built on ICP that needs promo, share this post as an opportunity to project authors/curators.

If you got any questions will be splendid if you can share those.

Youtubers will be always updated. Fresh info about them is on our spreadsheet.

Best of luck mates on reaching your targeted audience.