Does ICP / Dfinity Have A Marketing Strategy?

Hello ICPeople

Since we are getting closer to Q4 of the year and ICP is running smooth and its tech is more then ready, i was wondering if you guys have a specific plan for a strategic marketing operation?
I see you are attending at lots of major blockchain events all around the world thats huge!

Since ICP has a broader usecase then “just” Defi, and is targeting every system, service and enterprise that is running on the internet (aws etc.) would it be appropriate to do some marketing outside of twitter and the crypto media (crypto space)?

For example frequent occurrence on a digital billboard in New York Time Square or London Piccadilly Circus.

Imagine Dfinity - ICP creating a short animated Ad video or even just a slick image that is displayed on the new 3D screen at the Piccadilly Circus London. This would certainly help to get some mainstream attention / awareness. Contact: The Piccadilly Lights — Ocean Outdoor


Wouldn’t it be smart to create more mainstream awareness before the next bullrun so people are already aware and they wont start building on other platforms? Or would that just be a waste of resources, advertising in a time of drought like right now?
There is only that much people one can reach within these curated crypro events.

I’m eager to understand Dfinity’s marketing roadmap. Here are a couple of recommendations I believe could benefit the platform:

  1. Consider recruiting a VP of Marketing from a renowned cloud provider. Their expertise and insights could be invaluable.
  2. Introduce a partner program. Collaborate with SaaS companies, freelancers, and educational institutions. This can promote and facilitate the development and deployment of applications on ICP.

It would be nice to see the ICP logo on some active sports teams. Tezos/Kraken are on Formula 1, Algorand is on DRL, Near/Algorand are working with Sail GP, just to name a few.

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How is it working for these platforms in the bear market. It’s not like they are doing much better than ICP. Some of these ideas are cool just not sure if it’s worth the money.

I’m pretty sure any positive exposure is helpful, but as you said, it would be hard to gauge if it would be worth the money. The only thing it would be doing is gaining awareness for the protocol, just planting that seed in peoples mind so when more use cases arise for the protocol or an app takes off, people will talk about it.

I was watching Formula 1 thinking, I can guarantee 90% of the people watching Formula 1 right now, have no f’ing idea what “Tezos” is. BUT, if they hear it again somewhere else, even if it’s a random stranger talking about it, they might just google it, or talk to someone else about it. More spreading subconscious awareness I guess?

If I remember correctly, Near partnered with the Sail GP teams to sell NFT’s. If you were an NFT holder for the teams, you were able to vote on the livery for the boats. (I think that’s how it worked. Not sure though).

Maybe none of them are getting a return on their investments, maybe they are. But, I can guarantee not doing any marketing isn’t going to help.

With all of that said, if there’s no marketing budget, so-be-it. You can only do so much with limited resources and maybe Dfinity is maxed out right now. I have no clue. I’m just throwing these things out there because I thought they were cool at the time and they stuck with me, despite me not using those protocols as much as I used to.