DFINITY Marketing Campagne Brainstorming

DFINITY Marketing Campagne Brainstorming :thought_balloon:

If you/we/others come up with interesting and effective ideas on how to increase the reach of newly released products / projects - to reach eyes beyond the IC community
(into the mainstream crypto masses), DFINITY could adopt some ideas that make sense.

Everything that is more then a simple twitter post, wich until now was the main & mostly the only place where new products were promoted online. Where only ICP followers / community could see it.
We are aware of the news blackout from the crypto media - lets change it now.
(It is already changing)

Two basic rules:

  1. Keep it short and simple. (For the Foundation to be able to understand the point quickly)
  2. No criticism of suggestions.
    Lets see where this goes…

Pay to promote the new released product on some famous crypto youtube channels.
(Outside of the ecosystem) So they can do a quick explanation of the new features.

Convenient for the viewers:
ICP is such a huge project and takes hundreds of hours to research.

Video review of a newly released ICP product is very convenient for new viewers, they can simply watch the video instead of doing hours of research them selves. Therefor more likely willing to learn about it quickly by watching the video and adopt it later.


I humbly request The foundation shall attend the Binance blockchain week which is scheduled to be held in Türkiye for 2 days, On the 8th and 9th of November, respectively.

As you all know, Binance is the Number 1 CEX out there, and they have their own fan users.
The motivation is to grab their attention as much as possible, just like the foundation did at the Bitcoin Conference and ETHDenver.


I love the pro-active attitude. I will think about this some more and see what I can come up with :slight_smile:


If the IC is to be the future of the internet then bring it to those that will be our future. Colleges and universities should be on the list of focus points to direct marketing toward. These objectives could include(but should not be limited to)…

  1. Introduction to ICP tech courses. Teach the next generation of devs so there is a basic drive and
    interest in the technology that stems from interaction at a young age.

  2. Implementation of Blockchain in Operations. Work with the universities and colleges to utilize our
    technology in day to day operations. We can create immutable data. This is excellent for things like
    degrees, certifications, or any kind of recordable educational data that needs to be immutable for
    later verification.

  3. Blockchain Challenges and Hackathons. These can stimulate interest in students and has a
    secondary benefit of showcasing our potential to a larger audience through direct participation with
    our technology.

  4. Guest Lectures. Yes lectures…the boring part of college…lol. Bit still a valid way to bring together
    people with interest on a specific topic to learn about the protocol and its capabilities.

I know this no novel idea here and several of these things have been done. My point here is they should be a regular thing we bring to campuses in an effort to stimulate the youth into engaging with our system over others as they begin their development career. Then maybe we can create a more robust foundation for growth as a regular inflow of devs and thus dApps would begin to flow in yearly from our global efforts(optimally).


I don’t want to criticise this point, because it’s a good idea - YT is the top video information resource and not using the platform enough is a mistake.

To add a little detail, though… I think that simply being famous is not enough. What is equally important is the area that the youtuber covers, and also perhaps the kind of attention that they like to attract.

The reason I say this is that people who come to the IC with ambition of a quick dollar might be disappointed. Hype for hype’s sake can work, but sometimes lacks long-term vision. The trick is finding the viewers that actually appreciate the benefits. I’m not an expert, but I know this is a common issue, that has been solved many times.

This is where the strategy and (i would hope, in dfinity’s eyes) the value comes in. Who do you approach? What is the message? Why should they care?

Just a quick search suggests this is a good place to start… 25 top tech reviewers

I completely agrees that a simplified description of the tech is missing and needed. I am sure that a few of us huddled around chatGPT could make something nice though. Maybe the AI could even write it in a conversational form. Heck, the AI could even present the thing, in multiple languages.


Also someone could do a live stream once a week on Twitch. Coding got very popular there. Would be great at least just to build and deploy simple examples off apps and show off stuff like using the II and the NNS, staking, swapping, ckBTC transfers etc.


YouTubes better than twitch now. They got way too tyrannical and a lot of streamers left

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This is also a great idea but I found it hard to implement. It is pretty hard to properly incentivize young people, many are looking to get an internship at FANG and are mainly drawn to web 2 still. Even tried offering pizza at meetups and still was low attendance. Also while we talk about Rust it sparks interest but with Motoko there is a hard time to find younger devs willing to learn something new that can be only used on the IC.


I still follow twitch live coding streams and none on YT , anyhow we are throwing ideas around to see what sticks. Not against streaming on YT but we need to do something.

Glad to hear from someone that has tried this. The basic concept behind what i was thinking was Dfinity create resources for courses to be utilized by Instructors in any college worldwide that would provide Motoko certifications(which we verify on chain, which led me to step 2) to those completing the courses.

While we brainstorm we need to keep in mind that Dfinity is nonprofit so if we want them to expend assets toward marketing it cant be anything that would be conceived as for generating return. So globally accessible educational resources structured into courses in my opinion would be one of the ways they could utilize their assets while promoting the environment itself in a way that would not be seen as for profit.

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Great pick, lots of technical people including Elon Musk are aware of this one.
I can imagine him talking about the Internet Computer Protocol Blockhain and its outstanding features!


Sorry, you’re not the Yeenoghu are you? Feel awkward asking


I agree!
It’s unbelievable how out of the mainstream IC is.
The mass entry of new audience is reached by influencers from both YouTube, Twitter and Tictoc, but mainly from YouTube.
Ivan On Tech, Crypto Banter, Altcoin Daily are some channels I remember atm…


You refering to Yeenoghu, Demon Prince, King of ghouls, Lord of brutality? Do you desire my three headed flail? lol. I have used that as my gamertag since the late 80’s. Guess you can tell what I played a lot of in my youth :slight_smile:


Some one on a podcast said the IC was like looking at a sewage system. I took that to mean it will be what’s built on top that will shine.

Advertising causes me therapy, is there anywhere I can spend my ICP on pizza? I want one with pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and chives.

i’m gonna fix it so you can spend it on bowling (at the moment it’s still free). the pizza will follow


Pizza is all SNS vaporware

Transition from reactive to proactive.

Ecosystem overview:

1/ Include a Grant tab (celebrate Grant recipients, they passed muster!)

2/ Proactively update the Overview, e.g. there are more than 5 DAOs - don’t rely on projects to send updates (Not having visibility of your own ecosystem looks callous)

Social Media:

1/ Cross post Twitter-X, LinkedIn, Medium & YouTube posts across ALL IC based equivalents (Drink from your own Well, favour none)

2/ Cross post links to IC based content on ALL non-IC social platforms (Proudly share achievements)

3/ Develop a “shop front” presence across ALL non-IC metaverses, e.g. Decentraland & Sandbox (Proudly share achievements)

4/ Stop posting pictures of lunches and parties (everyone is hurting financially rn)

Laying Future Foundations

Define and Celebrate the many emerging economies:

The “Creator Economy” - celebrate Creators with Profile Articles/Features

The “Game Economy” - celebrate Games with Profile Articles/Features

The “Dev Economy” - celebrate Devs with Profile Articles/Features

The “??? Economy” - identify and celebrate emergent activity with Profile Articles/Features


Silence begets uncertainty; every community member ignored, is a potential future departee.